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I am in charge of the Imaging Courses in the Digital Art and Design program and so have developed the curriculum using assessment and influenced by our industry experts. Each link will take you to the course site. There are some examples below on this site.

New Course: Cintiq Action Drawing (Now Digital Character Drawing)

I developed a new course Cintiq Action Drawing which was offered in Spring of 2015. I wrote the course projects and created examples for each of them in the course site

In 2014 I developed a new course Cintiq Action Drawing - Later to be named Digital Character Drawing. Collaborated with the Drawing and Design Studies programs to ensure the course did not overlap with existing courses.

I developed the curriculum and made example works for each course exercise and assignment - there are about 25 projects that I researched, compiled professional examples for and as the course started I added student examples to the site. This summer I have worked with our new adjunct, Adam Withers, to share the course content and collaborate on developing new assignments. This course is planned to be offered 3 sections per year.

We worked on a new program plan and I was been involved in all of those discussions as well as creating new courses such as 2D Character Design and Digital Character Drawing which was proposed to senate in 2015.

Digital Character Drawing Course Site

New Course: 2D Character Design

I wrote the new course proposal for 2D Character Design. Here is one page from the site including examples from my own work and other professionals and redraws on student work.

Biff One of My Characters for Wheels is fully rigged and will be used to study by breaking apart the rig and placing it into poses