Teaching Effectiveness: Effective Implementation of Course Outcomes.


The evidence of course outcomes are placed each semester on my course sites (and those I oversee in Visual Development). As work improves I place new work on course sites as examples for students to analyze and learn from. The student work is also placed in the KendallWeblab.com so that it can serve as evidence for assessment purposes.

Course outcomes can be found here in the Course Description Pages of the DAD advising site:

Example Course Outcome:

  • Critique and receive critique for projects, relative to the stated objectives, as a member of a review group, and then advance them accordingly.

Professional Studio I and II: By showing our work to the Museum School Students who were also working on the project KCAD students were able to understand their audience. See the project here.

Digital Imaging II Storyboarding for Animated Giffs for the EPIC Science Project. Reverse engineering an existing animation using the Telephone Game with Drawing to show communication errors that happen in Art Studios and how to avoid them.

See the Drawing Telephone Game here.

Example Course Outcome:

  • Communicate, as a group, a multimedia project concept, considering genre and copyright issues, in concise verbal, visual, and written formats.

Professional Studio I and II: Miner Madness Game - as a website, communicated through a pitch including animations, interactivity and board game with clear rules. Groups of students over 2 semesters had to communicate intent, style guides and industry processes.

Powder Keg a Revolutionary War Card Game Presentation SP18

Professional Studio I and II: Example of communicating as a group (Junior and Senior Level)

By having my students collaborate on group presentations they are able to present effectively in verbal, visual, and written formats.


Digital Imaging II: Example of communicating as a group (Sophomore Level)

Click on the slide show to see it.

See the EPIC Science website- a cumulation of 5 semesters of creating EPIC science animations in Digital Imaging II with 2 professors and 150 students.

ADA and Accessibility: In this project we worked through giving the visually impaired a similar experience to the sighted through the use of image alt tags and written descriptions to be read by screen readers.

Example Course Outcome:

Pro Studio I (previously Concept and Production Design)

  • Apply content development, design, and production processes that are congruent with current industry standards.

Danielle Daniels Work for a Druid Game In Concept and Production Design in Collaboration with Underbite Games – example of both concept and production as course outcomes.

This example shows the process of the development of the character in sketching, then a color way then the development of environment assets for a game that has point structure and would fit into the 3D environment of a game. Writing is my comments for the student to iterate further.