Service: Volunteer activities with Community or Arts organizations.


Expanding my sphere of influence on STEAM topics through volunteering with schools and robotics teams. Taking action in America though voter registration.

Enigma Robotics

  • Parent mentor: FTC and FLL

Museum School PTO

  • National School Walk out

Grand Rapids Public Museum School

  • Creek studies (4 field trips)
  • Zoo Math and Social Studies Field Trip
  • Revolutionary War Game Design

EPIC Science Teaching science through humor

  • Kenowa Hills Middle School
  • Kentwood Middle Schools (3)
  • Innovation Academy
  • Art Prize Education HUB

Blandford Nature Center

  • Master planning
  • Farm Family volunteering

Kenowa Hills

  • Science Field Trip
  • Reading Coach
  • Media Lab Assistant

Voter Registration

Enigma Robotics

5391 Robot for Enigma Robotics FTC

My son Dylan is a part of this community Robotics team for middle schoolers which is sponsored by West Catholic. Students from all kinds of Grand Rapids Schools are members of the team. We do community outreach to help other youth in the area learn about STEM and robotics. Our team goes on field trips to the recycling plant and nature centers to help prepare for the mission by better understanding the community aspects of the challenge. I help to mentor and encourage these students as a mom. I have been a part of recruiting young women to the team as it is a personal mission to get girls interested in STEAM careers. We have added one more girl to the team this year.

  • 2017: First Lego League Competition, I assist the team at our home base at West Catholic High School and at the Competitions. We made it to the State Competition this year and won awards for Most Innovative Project Solution and 9th place overall.
  • 2018: We made it to the State Competition
  • Out of State Robotics Show at the Museum of Science and Industry, our Enigma team was in the center of the museum space showing visitors how robotics works, teaching students how to drive the robot and talking about programming and design.

I especially enjoy Mentoring girls in robotics and helping them be introduced to STEAM careers.

Out of State Robotics Show at the Museum of Science and Industry, our Enigma FTC team was in the center of the museum space showing visitors how robotics works, teaching students how to drive the robot and talking about programming and design.

The Notebook team prepares for judging on the iPads.

Enigma Robotics went to the State competition in 2018 beating out many regional teams by winning the Inspire Award - mostly due to the notebook team that I help with.

Hector, a student who worked with me as an Artworks! Assistant on my murals is now a Robotics Mentor for my son at Enigma Robotics.

It is interesting to see community service spread among students I have trained.

Visiting the Kent County Recycling Station to learn about how to recycle and develop ideas of how bring the theme of recycling into our team skit for the annual Robotics FLL competition.

Museum School PTO

Grand Rapids Museum School - Walk out day protesting Gun Violence in schools. As a member of the Museum School PTO, we help to organize events that impact our students learning while engaging in community. We are involved with creating a composting method for the Museum Middle School and river studies and clean up.

I stood with parents, teachers and school administrators to support our students as they marched hands on shoulders throughout the museum to honor the victims of gun violence in schools.

Museum School Creek Study -4 Field Trips

Nature Observations with Science Teacher Mr Gibson.

The Students worked with WMEAC to determine the health of the streams through biology and chemistry.

Musees were excited to get knee deep in stream observation.

Students discovered types of invertebrates that showed varying health of streams. These students experienced first hand the human impact on natural systems. We used next generation science standards through engaging biology and chemistry studies in the field. Their understanding of this impact promoted actual change in the city of Grand Rapids. The students findings were used to remove trash from creek beds and remove much cement areas to enable wildlife to thrive where they weren't before in Plaster Creek.

Museum School Waste Water Management Field Trip

This was the most stinky field trip in my parental life - a real testament to my commitment to student learning. We learned about how trash goes down stream and the effort it takes to remove it from our streams which turn into our drinking water. This impacted me so much that we have started composting in our home and stopped putting food into the disposal which has to be burned and turned into "cakes" (hardened waste) that is placed in the landfill. We are in the process of creating real composting at the Museum Middle School. They have started it at the Museum High School, thanks to Gayle DeBruyn's impact.

Museum School Presentation of Recommendations of Creek Study findings to the City of Grand Rapids

Museum School students presented their findings to the city and many of their recommended changes are now in place with grant funding and support from the city. These students were empowered to notice issues and ask for action.

Revolutionary War Game Design

Planning began in the summer for to include 60 Musees (GR Public Museum School Students) & 8-12 D.A.D. (KCAD Digital Art and Design) students to create an American Revolution Card Game in the first semester. The project is planned to be 3 semesters long.

Revolution Card Game: Museum School Students will research and write creative character descriptions for a History Card Game about the American Revolution in collaboration with History Professors from GVSU and Calvin and D.A.D. students from KCAD who will create the prototype for the game. Project Site

Museum School would engage about 60 students for 12-15 weeks (7th grade). KCAD would need to create a design brief, present project, ideate with Museum School students, assess Museum School students research and designs and vice-versa.

Working with the Museum School Students on their Chrome Books on the historical research for the Revolutionary War Game.

Museum School John Ball Zoo Field Trip

Students worked to create habitats in 3D programs and Zoo planning including how to encourage patrons to buy snacks and gifts using marketing methods such as black pavement which keeps customers hot craving ice-cream. Students used math, engineering, marketing and sociology on this trip to discover ways to create profit in a zoo.

Blandford Nature Center

As a member, I participated in the Master Planning for the Highlands, the former golf course, that has been allowed to return to nature. As a community member I gave suggestions for use that would benefit the youth through playful educational spaces. They will be incorporating a natural play ground area where kids can play in the streams.

Blandford Farm

Goat Races at Blandford Farm where our son Dylan participates in camp and we volunteer as a family.

At the Blandford farm, I fed the chickens too.

EPIC Science Teaching science through humor

  • Kenowa Hills Middle School
  • Kentwood Middle Schools (3)
  • Innovation Academy
  • Art Prize Education HUB

Over 3 years I worked on EPIC Science Animation content, curated animated science concepts. I worked with Next Generation Science Standards, tested the animations at Kenowa Middle School in Science classrooms and at the Innovation Academy in Zeeland, Mi and at the Art Prize Education HUB. I did a total of 20 visits by myself to do this work and then also brought KCAD DM students as a part of their class.

Collaborated with the middle school students and teachers in these schools to create funny, engaging animations that help students remember science content. 10 visits to science clubs to create the content and vet with the science teachers.

Epic Science Animation Site:

I worked with Workstudies to employ a website to house the next generation science standards connected to the animated gifs. The second version employs full accessibility for ADA compliance.

Kenowa Hills Science Field Trip to Howard Christensen Nature Center in Kent City Mi

Students inspect a small frog in a magnifying bug box.

We gamified Tree science by building the roots of a tree.

Kenowa Hills Elementary School Reading Coach

I volunteered as a reading coach for Kenowa Hills Central Elementary School, helping 1st graders learn how to read. I also helped to introduce basic math skills though games. Students always looked forward to seeing me because we would play games that I helped to develop and shared with the Teacher. Time Commitment: 3 hours every other week.

Kenowa Hills Elementary School Media Lab Assistant

  • I did classroom tutoring and Media Lab assisting 1x/week in 2014.
  • I assisted the 5th graders with computer use, printing and general computer literacy.
  • iPad Educational Consultant for 2nd Grade Curriculum, making selections for math, science, photography to be used in the classroom.

Voter Registration

  • Volunteered to register voters for the 2016 Presidential Election
  • Informed voters of locations of polls
  • Got out the student vote