Service: Organizations


It takes a village to act in a committed way for our children's futures. Helping enrich young peoples lives by leading them in helping with disaster relief in Flint, taking back nature at Blandford and sharing technical knowledge with those that are world changing is my goal in organization membership.

Professional Organizations

  • I am developing network of writers and illustrators.

Art Station - Pro Member

  • I developed an online presence planning guide for KCAD students it goes through tips for all of the social media platforms for artists and designers. See it here. As a pro member of Art Station I can see job postings in the entertainment field to share with my students. See my Art StationProfile

  • mission is to inspire women to excel in technology careers
  • Collaborate with STEAM events at Kentwood Public Middle School
  • I try to encourage young women to get involved in Robotics through Enigma Robotics

Ladies who UX - member

  • A collaborative community of UX designers, technical, and creative professionals from the Grand Rapids area looking to inform West Michigan (and the world!) of the impact of ladies working in our industry. Through UX and design-focused events and meet-ups we encourage our members to engage in meaningful conversations, network with other local professionals, and develop new insights into UX processes and practices.
  • I go to talks and participate in online networking.

  • This is a group for anyone interested in video game development. All skill levels (gamer, beginner, expert, etc.) and all skill sets (programmer, artist, animator, writer, sound designer, etc.) are welcome. We get together to share resources, collaborate and network.
  • I connect students to Game Dev pros and get feedback on projects.

Community Organizations

Grand Rapids Public Museum - member

  • Collaborate with Museum School in Professional Studio Projects including Miner Madness, Powder Keg Revolutionary War Project and STEAM events.

GRAM - member

  • Gave a talk with Alexis Rockman about Science in art and design.

Frederick Meijer Gardens - member

  • Go to relax.

Kenowa Hills Public Schools PTO

  • Worked on incorporation of STEAM projects in the classroom collaborating with Katie Bush – Dean of Students and Mike Burde – Curriculum Developer and Heather Pilarz – Science Coordinator.
  • Worked on Curriculum Development projects with Mike Burde, District Curriculum Director as they worked toward a STEM program.
  • Graphic Designer for various fliers

Kenowa Hills Tutoring

  • I volunteered as a reading coach for Kenowa Hills Central Elementary School in 2015, helping 3rd graders learn how to read. I also helped to introduce basic math skills though games. Students always looked forward to seeing me because we would play games that I helped to develop and shared with the Teacher. 3 hours every other week.

Grand Rapids Public Museum School PTO

  • Worked on recycling and compost initiatives, curriculum help and National School Walk out.

PKSA Tutoring

  • In 2015 I tutored at the Professional Karate Association- helped 3 young karate students with homework and math skills for 1 hour every other week.

Standale Karate

PKSA and Standale Karate 2014-2017

With the students I trained with and mentored in Karate

  • Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Became an official assistant instructor in 2016.
  • I help teach the younger students and lead my group in competitions.
  • Younger students also trained me.
  • We competed in several tournaments including the State Games of Michigan.
  • I learned Self Defense and Krav Maga
Thats me elbow pounding 3 boards high - breaking competition at U of M: winner Yellow Belt Adult Female

American Red Cross and Karate group giving:

As a family we went to Flint and donated water bottles to the American Red Cross to try to help school kids during the continuing Water crisis. As a Karate Club we also collected 3 truckloads of water to donate to the Flint American Red Cross.

Blandford Nature Center- member

  • Help with trail maintenance.

The Bonner-Fischer family building the wigwam with Native American expert.

Dylan selling Blandford Farm Harvest at Fulton St Market