Service: Lectures as a service to the field and community


Sharing knowledge with the field and community about innovations in education and STEAM topics.

  • 2 STEAM events KCAD
  • 5 STEAM events Kentwood
  • 1 GRAM - Conversation on Science and Art with Alexis Rockman
  • 4 Lectures at Innocademy - STEAM - EPIC Science Animations

2 STEAM events KCAD

See the User Testing Report - Miner Madness

See the User Testing Report - EPIC Science

See the User Testing Report - Simuli VR

See the User Testing Report - Powder Keg

Museum School students had the opportunity to participate in creation and testing of gamses and apps created by KCAD students. They had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of creating art and design.

These lectures and experiences shared with youth is a way to give them ideas on careers in STEAM.

STEAM event students were able to draw on the cintiqs inspiring young artists.

STEAM event students participated in Code Theory game play inspiring careers in coding.

STEAM event students participated in sound design experiments

STEAM event students participated in VR app discussions that helped give empathy for other students with Nuerodiversity.

STEAM events Kentwood

Kentwood Public Schools User Testing Game Development and introducing a diverse population to Coding Logical Thinking through Game Play, Team Lecture with Nathan Loding of Open System Technologies (OST). In 2016 we did 7 school visits and did 5 thirty minute sessions each day. This was a part of a larger STEAM Event that all of Kentwood Public Schools holds for their middle school students.

  • In 2017, I led a table at 5 different STEAM events at Kentwood Middle Schools in collaboration with Open System Technologies.
  • We user tested the Game Miner Madness created by KCAD students to help progress the game development.
  • We brought code theory knowledge excitement to this group of young people.
  • Students participated in the creation of the game through their feedback and responses.

GRAM - Conversations on Science and Art with Alexis Rockman

  • I took 18 KCAD students to the Alexis Rockman Show for a talk on the connection between science and art encouraged by the president and the dean.
  • I presented the EPIC Science Project to Alexis for feedback and discussion.

Innocademy- Zeeland and Kenowa Hills Public Schools

2016-2018 : A STEAM project – user testing the EPIC Science Animated Giff Project. We looked at what was engaging and I went back to the 2 sections of Digital Imaging II to improve the work based on the feedback from the user test base.

The EPIC Science site was built with Animated Science Concepts that were created in the Digital Imaging II course. I user tested these animations with the middle school students and we altered the imaging, text layout and funniness based on the engagement of the students in the science classroom I presented to.

  • 4 lectures total in schools
  • 10 lectures at Art Prize Education HUB by myself to do this work and then also brought KCAD DM students as a part of their class twice.
  • Collaborated with the students and teachers in these schools to create funny, engaging animations that help students remember science content.