Service: Donations of artistic activities/endeavors


Supporting community initiatives by moving people beyond reaction to action.

  • Museum School Lectures
  • Curriculum Development with the Grand Rapids Museum School
  • Digital Life Drawing
  • Kids Food Basket
  • Microsoft and
  • KCAD Continuing Ed


I gave 3 Revolutionary War Lectures to 7th grade classes at the Public Museum School to kick off the project Powder Keg the Revolutionary War Game.

Curriculum Development Museum School

I have been involved in the development of curriculum for the Museum School with integration of Art and Design into the Science and History curriculum. I worked with Kim Rowland, the curriculum coordinator and the Middle School teachers to implement learning opportunities. I created templates for the students to input their research. I collaborated with History Professors from Calvin College and GVSU to ensure accuracy of lessons.

Teachers I have collaborated with on curriculum are: Micah Herrbolt, Julie Freeman, Lindsay Lane, Tom Gibson.

My connection to the Museum School helps KCAD in their partnership with the Museum School.

Weekly Digital Life Drawing Sessions

  • I have managed the Open Digital Life Drawing Sessions held weekly on Fridays.
  • This gave students an opportunity to practice their drawing skills and get together as a group.
  • I attended and practiced my drawing as well.

Blandford Nature Center

As a member, I participated in the Master Planning for the Highlands, the former golf course, that has been allowed to return to nature. As a community member I gave suggestions for use that would benefit the youth through playful educational spaces. They will be incorporating a natural play ground area where kids can play in the streams.

Microsoft and

Connected Miner Madness - the Code Theory Game that KCAD students made under my art direction to Andy Spiece a Microsoft Code and Development Mentor for High Schools. This is now used in high schools to teach code logic.

Kids Food Basket

I lead a doodle session in Digital Art and Design where I encourage KCAD students to draw on the Kids Food Basket Bags. We drew on hundreds of bags last year giving the youth in the area a smile as they receive their sack supper.

This connection to the community helps KCAD students to see beyond themselves to make an impact through their art.

Kenowa Hills Public Schools

  • Graphic Designer for various fliers
  • Website designer for Central Scoop, the Student Leadership organization.
  • Worked with 4th and 5th grade students on anti-bullying initiative on the web.
  • Trained 2 4th and 5th grade students in website development
  • Trained the Vice Principle in website content management.

KCAD Continuing Ed

Trained Jean Hanks in Code Theory using the Miner Madness Curriculum that KCAD students made under my art direction. She now uses this game to train young people about code logic and is looking to go into public schools using this method.