Creative & Scholarly: Lectures and Presentations as Scholar at Conferences


Sharing what I have learned about Game creation for education and the ability to gamify hard topics like climate change and coding. During the arts research part of my career I shared methods of educating through the use of arts and a multiple intelligence approach to learning.

  • Serious Play - Montreal 2019 -Lecture: Socio-Emotional Entertainment Production Model
  • Judge for Healthcare and NonProfit Games for Good - Serious Play 2019
  • Meaningful Games - Michigan State University 2018
  • Serious Games - University of Buffalo 2018
  • Using Google Sites in classrooms - Central Michigan University
  • Making of 1st and Goal - KCAD Gallery Lecture
  • Association of the Advancement of Arts in Education (AAAE) : Multiple Intelligences learning methods incorporating the arts in general education
  • Arts Connections
  • Sound Discoveries

Lecture Presented: Serious Games Conference, University of Buffalo

Attended and presented at the Conference, Serious Games in Buffalo, NY. I presented Miner Madness, a KCAD student created game and played during game night. I met with industry professionals in the Educational Game, Health and Serious Game (Corporate Training) field.

I had continued meetings with the University of Buffalo who will do research in their neurosciences lab on empathy and games using our student created VR Simuli.

The benefit to the college includes: Developing relationships leads to internships and potential employment for KCAD alum and collaboration for current students. Keeping Faculty up to date on Industry Standards in the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and NoCode Development helps student projects to be cutting edge. Investigations in empathy for game and media users helps KCAD projects to have larger impact.

See Write up on Connections.

Ahmed Hossam and Sara El-Kady, Founders of GamPact taking the Miner Madness Game back to Egypt to help educate the youth on coding using the game we developed.

Science Experts play the Miner Madness game.

Lecture Invited: Meaningful Games Conference, Michigan State University

Meaningful Play 2018 is a conference about theory, research, and game design innovations, principles and practices. Meaningful Play brings scholars and industry professionals together to understand and improve upon games to entertain, inform, educate, and persuade in meaningful ways. Presentation and the Miner Madness game was accepted for presentation, game play and contest. Conference is in October 2018.

The student creators of Miner Madness have a very good chance of winning the student competition I entered them into. They will be competing against international game schools that also are working on games for good.

I will further connect with game developers in the state that will be able to help our students pursue their careers through internships and jobs in games for education and social good.

Making of First and Goal

KCAD Faculty Exhibition Lecture

The Making of 1st&Goal- Lecture at the Annual Faculty Exhibition showing concept and production art I created for mobile game in collaboration with Underbite Games - 1st&Goal

KCAD Portfolio Camp Lecture

What it’s like to be a Game Artist- Lecture to the KCAD Continuing Studies Portfolio Camp on the process of making game art and Game artist as a career choice.

Using Google in the Classroom - Lecture at Central Michigan University

Taught University Educators about methods of online collaboration and collection of assignments including commenting and real time communication ways to enhance the face to face classroom. Used my course sites as examples of keeping examples in front of the student for benchmarking and referencing during projects.

AAAE (Association for the Advancement of Arts in Education) Cincinnati,OH.

In-service Programs specialized programs focus on brain-compatible learning and arts integration. Designed programs to fit the professional development needs of educators in the tri-state area. I shared Portrait style research and assessment tools with educators.

Arts connections, Cincinnati, OH

An intensive professional development program for teachers, administrators, parents, arts specialists and other educators. A program based on the arts integration method of learning, Arts Connections takes into account the fact that students learn and process information through different learning styles. Through this program, teachers learn how to use various art forms to teach social studies, language arts, mathematics and more. I shared a Multiple intelligences approach to teaching general education curriculum through the arts.

Sound Discoveries, Cincinnati, OH

Music for Life brings classical music into Cincinnati tri-state area schools. AAAE and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra developed in-school programs featuring orchestra members in specially designed programs to integrate the fundamentals of music with all areas of the curriculum. I shared concepts of teaching math and science through sound and rhythm.