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Development in Education:


Gamepact is a company in Egypt that does training in corporations using behavioral psychology and game design techniques to gamify learning.

Gampact will be using Miner Madness and Fun Funky Functions to train the youth of Egypt in Code Theory. This youth training experience will expand throughout the Middle East as a part of the Arab Revolution in Coding.

They will be documenting the use of the game with the Egyptian youth audience who's second language is english, though the schools teach in English. They will document with photos and videos. They will use Fun Funky Functions as well to train the youth.

They spoke about expensive solutions for youth training in code, where the companies are charging 2000 Egyptian dollars. This high cost for code theory games and tools is a barrier to many middle eastern learners and that the physical Board Game gave opportunity to be used over and over again for minimal costs in comparison.

I worked with them to understand low cost solutions to teaching coding to youth. I have connected through video conference and email to help them facilitate their organization's volunteer work of teaching code to youth.

Open Systems Technologies:

OST started a game that they could use use in classrooms to teach coding to students in 4th through 12th grade. I collaborated on this project the summer of 2017 with the Aaron VanProoyen and Nathan Loding.

OST is the Google of Grand Rapids – See they have bikes!

I developed a relationship with OST, Open System Technologies, where we looked at the games that are in their development and did some pro bono consultation on these projects. This project then continued into the Professional Studio courses in Fall of 2016 and Spring of 2017.

This was the initial game design first used by OST at STEM events.
Final Game created in collaboration with KCAD students

Curriculum Development Consulting:

I am collaborated with Curriculum Coordinator for Community Partners, Kim Rowland to develop a connection between the Museum School and the DAD program. We began collaborating with them in the Spring of 2018 with the Professional Studio Students and the Museum School 7th graders to create Trading Card Game on based on the American Revolution.

This is in collaboration with OST, and history professors form Calvin College and GVSU and Bill Fischer. We met over the summer of 2017 to explore and plan the project nearly every week.

Planning began in the summer for to include 60 Musees (GR Public Museum School Students) & 8-12 D.A.D. (KCAD Digital Art and Design) students (per semester) to create an American Revolution Card Game.

Revolution Card Game: Museum School Students are researching and write creative character descriptions for a History Card Game about the American Revolution in collaboration with History Professors from GVSU and Calvin and D.A.D. students from KCAD who will create the prototype for the game.

Museum School would engage about 60 students for 12-15 weeks (7th grade)(per grading period). KCAD created a design brief, presented project, ideate with Museum School students, assess Museum School students research and designs and vice-versa. This is an ongoing project.

See the project site

After Thought Games

Continued Development of the game Violent Sol, Creating a Style Guide required for work in the Professional Studio Courses. Met 5 times throughout the year and 2 times during the summer of 2017 to develop the game play and processes.

Screenshot of the communication tool that we used: Trello - there were 100s of assets created, commented on, iterated and added to the game. Using this tool helped our students to understand communication practices for off site work and the importance of being clear in drawing and in writing.

Planet 3 - Science Curriculum for Schools

Planet 3 Art Prize and Kenowa Hills Connection

Met with Curriculum Developer, William Shelly, for Planet 3 and was a pro bono liaison between this digital media curriculum company and area schools, introducing them to Kenowa Hills Public Schools, Innocademy, Kentwood Public Schools, The Grand Rapids Museum School and West Michigan Environmental Academy. Planet 3 then set up teacher in service training for their online curriculum at Kenowa Hills Public Schools through Mike Burde the district curriculum developer. Several of KCAD recent grads participated in connecting with Planet 3 as educational media researchers.


Visualpump - Internet Search Marketer 2003-2006

Creating online marketing strategies for companies and incorporating advertising such as Google into their current strategy. Teaming with web developers and designers and illustrators to create a cohesive online marketing strategy. Clients include Sassy Inc, MAM, Postworks, Toolfarm, FTCH, and Visualpump Art Gallery.

Grand Rapids Drive - the NBA - D League Basketball team. I did Social Media Consulting and consulted on writing for Coloring Book for mascots using nutritional content for grade schoolers.

Brand Strategy: Color Trends reporting to Sassy MAM for the baby market, analyzing European Trends and the influence on the US market. Predicting Color and pattern needs for American Moms in the Baby Retail industry.