Creative & Scholarly: Arts in Education Research


Proving effectiveness of arts integrated in K-12 general education, where math, social studies and science can be taught through multiple intelligences practiced in the curriculum.

University of Cincinnati - School of Education

  • Director Arts Research under Dr. Deborah Zorn and Collaborator Imelda CastaƱeda-Emenaker 1996-1998
  • Created qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation, and Curriculum and Instruction for Arts in Education Initiatives.
  • Key Funds Obtained through research- Fidelity Investments, Ohio Arts Council, University of Cincinnati, National Endowment for the Arts

Association for the Advancement of Arts in Education AAAE

With the UC School of Education- I led arts research for a two-year study that surveyed hundreds of superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, school board members, artists, professional arts administrators, and community leaders regarding their views on arts education.

The study found a positive element for change in arts education priorities and programs in the TriState Greater Cincinnati area. With the inauguration of Arts Connections in 1997, more than 1,500 teachers have been trained to integrate the arts across their curriculum, touching approximately 30,000 students.

  • AAAE In-service Programs specialized programs focus on brain-compatible learning and arts integration. Designed programs to fit the professional development needs of educators in the tri-state area. Developed Portrait style research and assessment tools.
  • Arts connections - an intensive professional development program for teachers, administrators, parents, arts specialists and other educators. A program based on the arts integration method of learning, Arts Connections takes into account the fact that students learn and process information through different learning styles. Through this program, teachers learn how to use various art forms to teach social studies, language arts, mathematics and more. At this convention of hundreds of teachers I led interviews and the research team to find the effectiveness of the program. I led workshops on the integration of Arts into curriculum.
  • Sound Discoveries: Music for Life brings classical music into Cincinnati tri-state area schools. AAAE and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra developed in-school programs featuring orchestra members in specially designed programs to integrate the fundamentals of music with all areas of the curriculum. I led research on the workshops interviewing teachers and finding the effectiveness of the program.
  • ARTWorks!
  • ARTWorks! gave teenagers from all over the Greater Cincinnati area an opportunity to work, learn, and earn in summer jobs as apprentice artists. Under the guidance of professional artists, ARTWorks! apprentices help create works of art for public spaces, museums, and private collectors; gaining meaningful employment experience in a structured, professional setting that helps prepare them for the demands of the workplace. I led the artists and conducted research delivering funding for the pilot year. This program went on to be a successful arts program for young citizens in the Cincinnati area.