Teaching Effectiveness: Integration of Creative: Interactive

Periodic revision of course materials and integration of current creative activity research into subject matter of courses:


Interactive Design is one of the 5 focuses in the Digital Art and Design Program, I have learned methods and software and brought Interactive Design into the curriculum through group projects and faculty collaboration. The interactive projects we make have impact on education for K-12 by making it more engaging and deploying entertainment methods into learning.


  • Integration of Educational Curriculum into Multimedia for Mobile Devices
    • Flash Framework Interactive : Survive Global Climate Change
    • Site Map for Interactive Story Telling with a story arch
    • Impact of Collaborative Interactive work
  • Interactive App Development Integration: Battling Extinction
  • Illustration for Viral Advertising with Augmented Reality Animations

Integration of Educational Curriculum into Multimedia for Mobile Devices

Multimedia for Mobile Devices: Flash Framework Interactive : Survive Global Climate Change

Working in Flash was an initiative in 2014 for the program.

I learned the software and the methods so that I could teach Concept and Production Students how to create Survive Global Climate Change Interactive Educational App.

See the Flash Framework

Bill Fischer and Chris Brown have created the KCAD Framework which helps artists and designers create informational, story book and simple game apps for iOS, Android and the desktop web using fundamental Flash skills and simple code manipulation. I have been able to use that in my course Concept and Production Design. My course Concept and Production Design was a Pilot course for implementing the KCAD Framework. This is an important step for Kendall Digital Media since we have moved from Concepting Apps to actual creation of Cross Platform Multimedia Apps. You can now see the Survive Global Climate Change App and 3 Bullying Apps created in my courses on a tablet and on the web.

In order to be a better teacher in this area, during the summer I spent 4 weeks preparing this app for final upload onto the web and mobile devices. For me that meant working with the KCAD Framework, compiling files and doing final edits.

Integration of Educational Curriculum into Interactive Story Telling

I developed the site map for the interactive story in my studio over the summer to prepare for the students to dive into animation and graphic design for the piece.

See the Site Map enlarged so you can scroll through it and see the narrative breakdown assignment.

Survive Global Climate Change Definition List
click to enlarge the definition list

This spreadsheet was used to plan the App which contained many stories that needed to be united in story arch of:

  • Establishing World and Problem Presented
  • Problem Worsened
  • Characters presented with a survival choice
  • What happens when the character made the survival choice
  • Learn More: Educational Summary
  • Discussion
  • Quiz

Impact of Collaborative Interactive work

A Partnership was created for Educational Multimedia Curriculum Tools with Kenowa Hills Public Schools.

I worked with Mike Burde, the Curriculum Developer for the Kenowa Hills School District and have developed a partnership with the school district, where our DM students are developing an Educational App with Science Experts from the Middle School. This initiative started in Fall of 2013, but the partnership started during the summer while I did the curriculum development with the science and admin team at Kenowa.

We researched the new national standards for learning Science and Social Studies. We also looked at the needs of the 8 middle school science faculty that would become advisors for the scientific content for our educational epic story app with Assessment that we are creating in Fall 2013. We did product testing and collaborating with 150 middle school students in the Fall of 2013.

I have partnered with their Middle School Science Curriculum Coordinator, Katie Bush to develop appropriate assessment methods for the app we are making in Concept and Production Design that can be used as a learning tool in the classroom.

Inspires Kendall Students to create Engaging Productions Informing Classrooms

Epic Stories have Epic Impact through Imaging, Animation, Interactivity and Sound.

In Spring 2013, 11 students of Kendall College of Art and Design in the Digital Media Program created a Global Climate Change Interactive Survival Story in the Concept and Production course taught by Susan Bonner and mentored by Kendall Alum and Play-station Game Concept Artist Darren Geers currently working for Studiovania.

See Survive Global Climate Change on a browser

At the end of the semester the project was presented for feedback to the following faculty:

Gayle DeBruyn, Chief Sustainability Officer, Brad Yarhouse, Bill Fischer, Kasey McKargar and our Professional Mentor Darren Geers.

We received feedback especially form Gayle in the form of wanting the app to be useful not just as a supplemental educational material but to be an intact unit that could be used by teachers in the classroom to include assessment. That has spurred on changes that started a partnership with a school district for it to be a better educational tool.

KCAD and Kenowa Hill Public Schools Partner to create Multimedia Content for the Next Generation Science Standards that will be delivered through Digital Media. - started in the summer 2012 and continued into Fall 2014 and on into 2018 with further science collaborations.

New connections have happened there as Katie Bush has been promoted to Dean of Students at Kenowa Hills Central Elementary School. We continued to work with Kenowa in both the Middle school and the Elementary school to help develop curriculum apps that can go beyond their classroom into the world.

Educational Science App Integration: Battling Extinction App

Page Designed by Kendall Digital Media Students, Science Content by Kenowa Hills Middle School Students

Character-driven storytelling covers a wide range of animal extinction caused by human-driven, environmental change. Includes a complete digital curriculum with review questions, practice quizzes, additional resources and assessment. Grades 5-9

  • Students incorporated the Next Generation Science Standards and entertainment methods of learning including animation and interactivity.
  • KCAD artists, designers created the app in Professional Studio and middle school scientists from Kenowa Hills Public School were involved in making this app.
  • I did much of the behind the scenes app development to make the project work as an interactive app, reducing the size of files and curating locations.
KCAD DM student Andy Gabry presents the Battling Extinction App at Kenowa Middle School.

Kendall and Kenowa Hill Public Schools Partner to create Multimedia Content for the Next Generation Science Standards that will be delivered through Digital Media. This app started in the fall of 2014 and will be completed in Fall of 2015 with additional development to take place in Spring of 2016 to place it on the app stores.

We worked as a team to user test the app in a classroom with a science teacher and a group of 6th grade science students. This information gave us the ability to change the app to make it better based on our observances. The app development started in the fall of 2014 and was completed in Fall of 2015. This app went live in 2015 on the Google Play stores, the iTunes Story and the Google Chrome Store. It was launched by Chris Brown’s Professional Studio course with the help of those students and Bill Fischer.

KCAD and Kenowa Hills Public Schools Partner to create Multimedia Content for the Next Generation Science Standards that will be delivered through Digital Media.

get it on the apple store

view on your computer

I produced the project and worked over 3 semesters with 40 KCAD students to create the animations and the interactivity.

On my own time I worked with 15 students from Kenowa Hills Science Club for 3 semesters to create the science content and vet it with their science teachers Heather Pilarz and Katie Bush.

Illustration for Viral Advertising with Augmented Reality Animations

click image to play documentary video

Mini Cooper Art Car - Med Mile Mini - Displayed at ArtPrize 2012

Course: Digital Imaging II, Sophomore Level

A vinyl printed MINI Cooper designed in Illustrator and animated in flash using Augmented Reality Animation where the User can hold the mobile device up to the vehicle hotspots and find hidden animations that help to tell the story of the Grand Rapids Medical Mile.

Design, Animation and Marketing Art by Tyler Wayner

Car and Printing Supplied by MINI of Grand Rapids and Displayed at ArtPrize 2012.

KCAD blog article

MedMileMiniSite - requires flash player

I connected the entire course of 30 students from Digital Imaging II to the Mini of GR dealership. We had a contest and the winner was able to wrap the car and display at Art Prize. Students were able to learn about large scale printing and wrapping for advertisement including augmented reality installations.