Service: Service to other areas of the college


I have seen the college from the perspective of a staff and faculty giving me unique insights to the challenges the college faces as we recruit students and lead them to be a driving force for change in their profession. Students need ways to connect outside of class in a structured environment, by mentoring their student organizations I help them develop their whole person and social skills that build community.

  • Admissions Officer
  • Interim Gallery Director

Registered Student Organizations (RSO)

  • Kendall Game Club Faculty Mentor
  • Open Digital Figure Drawing


My intro to KCAD was as an Admissions Officer after receiving my MFA. I knew that I wanted to teach, had applied but there was not a current position available to me. I decided to connect myself to KCAD as an admissions officer. The territory that I championed was Ohio, Indiana and Illinois while other people focused locally I would travel the midwest looking for connections with individual artists that we could mentor and that could thrive in Grand Rapids.


I took on the Interim Gallery Position after Chad Jay left KCAD, the gallery was still in the Fountain street building. I had unique opportunities to connect with faculty like Deb Rockman who had a solo show during my position and learn how to connect with the fine art audience.

Kendall Game Club Faculty Mentor

I am the RSO, (Registered Student Organization) faculty advisor, for the Kendall Game Club. This club creates community and allows students some time for fun and camaraderie with each other.

Game Club playing Wii Games
  • I am the faculty mentor for the Kendall Game Club, I help the students moderate the facebook group.
  • This club is key for retention for a group of KCAD students that find ways to connect socially through games.
  • We participate in Grand Con – a gaming conference annually and the student’s have raised funds for Suicide Prevention. We also attend Comic Con.
  • The club is diverse in the student population and is not just Digital Art and Design students. All students play games and find ways to connect on a social level at KCAD.
Comic Con

Open Digital Figure Drawing:

White Board by Club President Chloe Stewart
Facebook Social Media Post to drive traffic to the event and encourage student attendance at this non class, total volunteer organization.

I am the am the RSO, Registered Student Organization faculty advisor, for the Open Digital Figure Drawing Sessions. This is attended by students from all over the college including Digital Media, Illustration, Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Drawing. This requires me to attend every Friday from 11:30-3:30 to set up and organize and be present.


Shark Week Fun with the Model
getting practice with drawing characters
Susan Bonner - Examples from my Open Digital Life drawing sessions
Chloe Stewart – Organization President - Examples from my Open Digital Life drawing sessions
St Patrick’s Day Life Drawing

Retention: These sessions are a way to bring students together to encourage each other, feel safe to try new techniques and ask the models to pose for projects they need. Chloe Stewart, the former president is now in Burbank attending life sessions with well known animators and storyboarders.

The Digital Media program’s Video Conference Lab was used in 2016-17 to communicate with James Suhr from Disney Animation Studios. He collaborated with the Open Digital Life Drawing Sessions which impacted the other courses specifically Digital Character Drawing. These drawing sessions are recorded and archived so students can see the way that a Disney story boarder draws.

Facebook Post on the Skyping with James Suhr – Industry Pro Skype Drawing with us from California

This continued alumni relationship helps to connect students to animation industry. 6 Recent alum went to visit James Suhr this summer to transition to the West Coast Entertainment Industry. Chloe Stewart has now moved out there and is connected to the Animation Industry Life Drawing Sessions.

Poster by Club President Chloe Stewart
Susan Bonner - Examples from my Open Digital Life drawing sessions