Susan Bonner: Tenure Application

Service: Contributions to Area/Program: Facilities Development


I have been primarily responsible for the main imaging rooms, 709 and 708. I have ensured the technology is working properly, source equipment, schedule repairs, trouble shoot what IT cannot and create floor plans for effective learning environments. I personally have invested many hours into the technical facilities for the program.

  • DAD Room Development
  • DAD Equipment management
  • Classroom Tech Management
  • DAD Room management
  • Classroom Readiness with IT

Room Development:

Room 709 - Cintiq Life Drawing and Video Conferencing

We are one of 3 schools in the country that has a Cintiq Life Drawing room. This technologically advanced room and the ability to use models as we create Character designs will propel the students forward into the industry. During the 2015-16 academic year we added for an additional cintiq room which serves our growing student population in room 708.

Supported by our Alum and Pros, who will participate in Video Conferencing, as a way to mentor students and provide professional insight. I kept in contact with these pros, including James Suhr - Disney Animation Studios, David VanTuyle - Nickelodeon Animation, Colin Chan - a freelance Concept Artist and John Giang of Industrial Light and Magic. I frequently do reviews and draw overs of alum like Nolan Nasser who designed his first board game in 2016 - now he runs his own company, Deep Water Games.

Equipment Management:

Met with Wacom Reps with IT to discuss best practices for connecting the changing computer connectivity.

I manage a lot of the Digital Art and Design specific equipment there are many hours dedicated to ensuring our students have the state of the art equipment and that the classrooms are running smoothly.

Collaborative Equipment:

I worked to test if 16" Cintiqs would be effective for our program - which they were not due to poor connectivity across multiple versions of computers that we use in the program with different ports.

Software and Hardware Inventory List for DAD

I managed the created a method to track how up to date our software and hardware is for our program. I collaborated with DAD faculty and workstudies to create an up to date inventory so that we could track when purchases were to be made. We collaborated with the IT department and John Globoker to attempt to get access to their inventory list or to share a list; this is still in the works. The list has helped our program plan for expenses from student fees.

Classroom Tech Management:


  • I manage room 709 with all of the technology that is at the workstation and help teachers including adjuncts understand the set up.
  • I did major set up of wire management that tech did not do. This made my room ready and safe for teaching so that there were not trip points and kick points that would have unplugged computers while running.


I specked another Cintiq lab in 707 this year giving our students more access to digital drawing capability.

7th Floor Plan Used to plan for a growing with lack of space and furniture. I worked with the

In 2017, while chair, I had to spec out all of the new equipment for classrooms due to classroom size increase including specking tables, colors, creating floor plans.

Due to increase in class caps many changes were made to our classrooms, requiring new tables, rearrangement of teacher workstation in 709 which with all of the tech on that table. This was a significant time commitment through the spring semester and the summer which I could have spent on Creative or scholarly research. We have since asked for a Digital Resource Technician work study to lighten the load.

In 2018 we continued the work into 707, 708 and 704. We added new cintiqs to 707 which required a lot of table redistributing which I organized and was helped by Brad, Bill and the Maintenance team.

Classroom Readiness with IT:

I did Testing of Wacom Products for the role out of new Macs with different adaptors.

I met with Wacom Rep, who was not even able to solve the issue of no adaptor connecting to Apples newest computers.

I got discounts for students and the college, leveled up to Tech level 3 at Wacom and Apple to solve the problem of new role out of adaptors to be ready for day one of classes in the fall.

Unfinished and untested Tech work that I have to complete for classroom readiness

(IT does not test cords into machines – here an hdmi cord will clearly not fit. Like a square into a circle.)

On the right this is the cord management that we dealt with through out the semester- this is unacceptable work to me.