Service: Service on Institutional Committees


In my committee work I look to put students first and see through their eyes to make the college stronger through emerging technologies that can help the college be more efficient, state of the art and reduce redundancies.

Senate Committees

  • SPARC Committee
  • Senate Executive Committee
  • Enrollment Committee
  • Instructional Technology Committee

Ferris Committee

  • Ferris Retention and Enrollment Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Digital Kendall Committee
  • Annual Exhibition Ad Hoc Committee
  • Digital Measures Ad Hoc Committee

Search Committees

  • General Advising Counselor Search Committee
  • DAD Adjunct Faculty Search Committee
  • DAD Tenure Faculty Search Committee
  • Medical Illustration Search Committee
  • Interior Design Search Committee

Senate Committees

SPARC Committee:

Co Chair with Kara Peltier

Annual Review

Worked with leadership on expectations of the college and alignment with Initiatives by programs and departments.

  • Assessment approach to the Strategic Plan
    • Annual Program Reviews aligned to Strategic Plan
    • Annual Department Reviews aligned to Strategic Plan
  • Initiatives: organized and introduced them to the Academic Dean.
  • Master Planning aligned with the Strategic Plan
  • Discussed the Future of the Strategic Plan in relationship to enrollment and retention.
  • See the Strategic Plan on

Senate Executive Committee:

As the CoChair of the SPARC Committee I participated in discussing and creating the agenda for Senate based on action and informational items coming from all of the senate standing committees.

As the Chair of the Enrollment Committee I participated and was informed on best practices for presenting Senate Action Items and was informed on the collaboration of the Retention Task Force led by the president.

Enrollment Committee: Chair

For the 2014-2015 academic year the committee met in October, November, February, March, and twice in April. I was elected chair in February.

See the 2015 annual senate committee year end report:

For the 2016-2017 academic year the committee met in October, November, February, March, and twice in April. For the 2015-2016 academic year the committee met in October, November, February, March, and twice in April.I was chair for 2 years.

On the president’s request I also attended the Ferris Enrollment and Retention Committee and found ways to bring important topics to the University’s attention such as advising and online registration.

Documents created:

Instructional Technology Committee:


I advocated for KCAD Programs to update the technology requirements pages as they affect the cost of college education at KCAD and financial aid that students get can depend on the cost of technology.

I advocated for Faculty Laptops to be specified based on the needs of the program’s industry including whether it was a PC or MAC and the software that is needed per program.

Ad Hoc Committees:

Digital Measures Ad Hoc Committee:

Worked with a team of KCAD faculty and staff to meet with Ferris trainer on methods of creating a digital database for KCAD to track qualifications of faculty, made suggestions to remove anything that was not needed by KCAD but used only by Ferris. Made suggestions to not have redundant work for faculty as it looked like SEFARS and Digital Measures would be required. Suggested for Ferris to use the Faculty Evaluation Criteria from the KFA and KCAD agreement.

Annual Exhibition Ad Hoc Committee:

Researched and discussed the possibility of moving Exhibition Opening to a more student centric date. Analyzed impact on College for date switching and the potential expansion of Students families participating in the celebration.

Digital Kendall Ad Hoc Committee

Worked under then interim Dean Max Shangle to study the level of digital literacy and looking at a digital baseline requirement at Kendall. Reviewed courses that were Digital Foundational how they could be accessed from across the college. Encouraged Institutional support such as the Digital Learning Center for both Students and Faculty.

Looked at Online Courses offered by Ferris and discussed online courses at KCAD and if course content created by faculty was their intellectual property regardless if it was distributed online. We determined course content by faculty was faculty intellectual property that could be shared at that faculty's discretion.

Search Committees:

General Advising Counselor Search Committee

After being Chair of the Enrollment Committee in 2017 and working with the Senate, President and the Dean to open the position I served on the search committee with Sam Schultz and Suzanna Engbers which ultimately hired Carol Sloan as the new General Advising Counselor. I worked closely with her to welcome her into the college and help her to become familiar with current advising practices for the college and the DAD program. Impact includes students having a better advising experience.

DAD Adjunct Faculty Search Committee

  • Hired Claudia Pimentel for Digital Imaging II. With that came training in software for course content - Sketchup, After Effects and intro to overall course content.

DAD Tenure Track Search Committee

  • Worked with the team to create a search strategy, reviewed candidates applications.
  • Search was placed on hold to attract a broader candidate pool.

Medical Illustration Tenure Track Search Committee

  • Reviewed candidates via skype then in person interviews. Ultimately hired Mattt Schenk

Interior Design Tenure Track Search Committee

  • Reviewed candidates via skype then in person interviews. Ultimately hired Tara McCrackin

Ferris Committee:

Ferris Retention and Enrollment Committee

Worked with the registrars and the Dean of Student success at Ferris with a team of 20 faculty and staff from Ferris to research digital advising methods. Worked with KCAD registrars office to look at feasibility of online advising using MyDegree. DAD became the pilot program for full on line advising using the notes in MyDegree. Students benefit when all documentation can be seen all in one place and from anywhere so that they do not have to physically be at school in order to meet face to face and with a piece of paper that is only updated once a year.