Creative & Scholarly: Installations Murals


Connecting community people together to inspire education and create jobs for young people through the arts.


  • St Albans 150 ' murals and Coloring Books- Old and New Testament
  • I want to be x2 (30 Panels) Grand Rapids Housing Commission: Campau Commons and Creston Plaza
  • Nature in the City: Sheldon Apartments - Grand Rapids Housing Commission Senior Living ArtWorks!
  • Living Hope Fellowship Mural 500' Community project I drew and young people painted.

Old and New Testament Mural Marketing Art

Noah's Welcome

Mural was 150 feet and Coloring Book created for Educational Materials.

St Alban's Episcopal Church,

Bexley, OH


Collaborated with the K-12 students of the church to paint the physical mural.

Jesus calms the waters

"I want to be..." A Grand Rapids Housing Commission Mural for ArtWorks! Grand Rapids

I want to be a Social Worker

One of 30 murals in it's digital form.

I did this mural project for 2 years with different sets 15 of student assistants.

Locations: Campau Commons and Creston Plaza - Grand Rapids Housing Commission

Assistant Artist : Stephen Heneveld

I want to be a Doctor
I want to be a Farmer

click to see the Documentary Animation of the Mural Process

The murals provide job training for young people through the arts and role models to Head Start students.

30 Role models from the community came to the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts where the mural was being created. They each told the story of how they achieved success in their careers. They were interviewed, drawn and photographed by teams of apprentices. These community leaders included doctors, senators, HIV nurses, secretary, farmer, firemen, police men and social workers.

We worked at WMCAT the second year introducing the high school artists to working in photoshop to create the mockups before projecting and painting.

I want to be an HIV nurse.

The process of making narrative artwork with 15 apprentices.

Living Hope Fellowship Mural: Columbus, OH

This mural is 500 feet long. Designed by Susan Bonner and finger painted in collaboration with about 100 inner city neighborhood kids of 13th Avenue ranging in age from 2-18. Previous to this mural's design the building was constantly tagged by graffiti. This mural gave the kids of the community a way to reclaim the space.

The story of the mural is about bringing hope from despair, throwing your burdens on the Cross of Jesus and choosing joy through the resurrection of Christ. Kids jump rope in the joy section and lead the way to the empty tomb of Jesus on Easter Day. This is also the doorway into the church.

Public Service Mural: Nature in the City An Artworks! Mural Project

A mural for the Grand Rapids Housing Commission Public Housing for Seniors at Sheldon Apartments with Artworks of the UICA. I worked in collaboration with George Eberhardt III and 11 students from various Grand Rapids High Schools. We visited Blandford Nature Center and went to the Grand Rapids Art Museum to gain inspiration from Eugene Masselink's artwork form the Arts and Crafts Movement. We then taught the students photoshop at WMCAT, West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology.

  • Assistant Artist : George Eberhardt III
  • Providing job training for young people through the arts
  • Sheldon Apartments - Grand Rapids Housing Commission Senior Living
  • The murals provide job training for young people through the arts.
Right: Sycamore Tree Left: Birch TreeEach mural is 12' x 16'
Grand Rapids Housing Commission Location
Sponsorship Postcard