Creative & Scholarly: Installations, Media Productions: Gallery and Curating


Before teaching at KCAD I was a gallery director and curated multiple collections at Calvin College that were integrated into their curriculum and mission.

Gallery Director Calvin College 2001-2003

Designed Exhibitions, Curated a National Traveling Exhibition with a catalog, published catalogs for every major exhibition. Community outreach through Public Events and Art Lectures. Curated an Internationally recognized Permanent Collection for 3 new Buildings on Calvin College Campus. Worked closely with Faculty, Donors and President in orchestrating a body of work that would connect with the curriculum taught in those spaces. Full Funding of $2,000,000 was established within one year.

DeVos Communication Center- Curated art that incorporated the curriculum of Political Science and Communication Arts and Sciences. Sought work from throughout the country and Germany, organized meetings with faculty, donors, board, president and select students to propose work.

Prince Conference Center- Curated work which focused on the environment conservatory that housed the Conference Center which has a hotel and large conference meeting rooms. Solicited donations and worked very closely with main donor and president of the college.

Calvin College Fish House- Worked with interior designer and selected works from the student body that flowed with the design of space. Created scholarships for artwork and began a revolving exhibition of work that produced funding for student’s education.

Interim Gallery Director Kendall College of Art and Design 1999-2001

  • Implemented Gallery Calendar, Curated Exhibitions with Nationally recognized Artists i.e. Sandy Skogland, Wendall Castle, CF Payne, Deborah Rockman. Sponsored Scholastic Art Exhibition, a National High School Art Competition. Oversaw gallery Staff and Volunteers.

  • Visual Arts Committee and Resident Artist- Curated Multidisciplinary exhibitions for a Nationally Recognized Non-Profit Arts Organization focusing on Diversity in the Contemporary Arts. Wrote Grants for multidisciplinary events focusing on community audience.

  • As the Gallery Director of Kendall College of Art and Design collaborated with other gallery owners and directors to raise public awareness of the arts community, Sponsored events, was the liaison between West Michigan Colleges and the art community. Collaborated to create the Grand Rapids Gallery Guide.

Ohio Governors Youth Exhibition 2000

  • Juror

The Scholastics Art Awards 1999, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Juror for the Illustration, Video, Digital Art sections of High School Art

Grand Prix Art Competition 1999

  • Juror

Ohio Council for the Arts 1992 - 1996

  • organized the slide registration of artists, organized open studios.

Columbus Arts League 1994 - 1995

  • Exhibition Committee- curated works from state, organized events, planned exhibitions Education Committee, worked with teachers in the area to emphasize the arts in curriculum.