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Exhibiting my professional work to connect students with the story of design thinking. Prior to becoming a Digital Artist I exhibited nationally in art galleries.

The Fed Gallery, KCAD, Faculty Exhibition | 2018

Miner Madness the Game, Website and Animations as a collaborative work between myself, KCAD students and the community.

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Miner Madness: The Game

My involvement with this game and The EPIC Project is driven by a desire to employ art and design to affect real, measurable change in the world. My students and I do this by creating media that connects to its audience through inclusion, a socio-emotional driven content strategy and is heavily influenced by the entertainment industry. We can move people, society, and culture beyond reaction to action this way. Here is how Miner Madness incorporates those concepts:

Players experience a tribal connection through cooperative gameplay. They venture forth, as a unit, into the intimidating world of technology and coding. Primal reactions are triggered by disgusting, slimy characters, the thrill of competition and the sudden realization that “maybe I can do this computer science thing after all”. The value proposition comes from the accomplishment of completing the game, gaining a taste of the coding world and having fun at school.

The EPIC Project at KCAD

Within the EPIC Project at KCAD we aim to create media that can compete with popular culture while providing legitimate curriculum that aids teachers in creating engaging classrooms. My students and I explore, create and test new concepts for educational media aimed at increasing the engagement, retention, understanding, and synthesis of knowledge. The Miner Madness Game is an example of faculty collaborating with students, game professionals and K-12 educators to create a game where entertainment drives learning.

The driving force behind this ongoing project is to ask our students to challenge their roles as artists and designers and rethink their position in society. After completing over twenty projects in four years, KCAD students, faculty and collaborators look forward to expanding it to include more programs in the college.

Students throughout the KCAD community will be able to see the collaborative game at the gallery and have access to play the game while the gallery is open. I will do a talk about game design for education and the power of using humor in education for gamification.

Exhibition Print from Wheels - Animated Cartoon dealing with children's emotions

Exhibited at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2012.

The exhibit was to honor the Artworks program for winning the National Arts and Humanities Award from the White House.

KCAD Faculty Exhibition 2015 - The Making of 1st&Goal - 9 illustrations for Game Art including the process of the character design

Making of First and Goal

The presentation of the process of making 1st and Goal helped students to understand what it is like to work as a character designer in the mobile game industry and takes them through the step by step process from brainstorming to production. This production process is used to speed up students methods.

Selected Collections

The Grand Rapids Housing Association, Grand Rapids, MI

The Grand Rapids Art Association, Grand Rapids, MI

The Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids, MI

Chad Jay, South Bend- IN

Tim and Nancy Miller- Cincinnati, OH

Tim and Barbara Carberry- Bexley, OH

The Columbus Art League- Columbus, OH

St Alban's Episcopal Church- Bexley, OH

Phillip T. Van Milligan- Cincinnati, OH

Jim and Carolyn Wynstra- Lynden WA

Barbara Florez- Cincinnati, OH

Don and Ryo Pearson- Columbus, OH

Otto Real Estate- Anderson, OH

XEROX- Webster, NY

Selected Exhibitions

Kendall Gallery, Faculty Exhibition | 2012

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Wheels Cartoon - ArtWorks! Lead Artists Show Celebrating the National Arts and Humanities Award from the White House. | 2012

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Artworks! Mural “I want to be!” | 2006

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Artworks! Mural “I want to be!” | 2005

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Narrative, Grand Rapids, MI | 2003

Rankin Gallery, Ferris State University, The Ephemeral Space, Big Rapids, MI | 2002

Kendall Gallery, Kendall+Ferris, Staff and Faculty Exhibition, Grand Rapids, MI | 2001

10 Weston Gallery, Goddess Fest, Grand Rapids, MI | 2000

Gallery Room 222, Women's History Month Show, Group Show, Grand Rapids, MI | 2000

Gainey Gallery, Why Sue Kay? Solo Exhibition, Byron Center, MI | 2000

Dynamite Gallery Project, Reclaiming Territories, Solo Exhibition, Grand Rapids, MI | 1999

Kendall Gallery, KCAD Juried Exhibition, Grand Rapids, MI | 1999

1st United Methodist Church, Celebration, Juried Group Show, Grand Rapids, MI | 1996

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, New Walls, New Faces, Grand Rapids, MI | 1999

Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, A Public Hanging, Grand Rapids, MI | 1999

Cincinnati Science and Medical Gallery, Mapping the Distance between Science and Spirituality, Solo Exhibition, Cincinnati, OH | 1999

Tangeman Fine Arts Center, Micro-Macro, Master's Thesis Exhibition | 1997

840 Gallery, Show 20, University of Cincinnati, Group Juried Show | 1997

Machine Shop Gallery, MFA Candidate Show this is... | 1997

Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Juried show, Liturgy Speaks, | 1996

Columbus Art League, Group Juried Show, | 1995-1996

Canzani Center, Annual Exhibitions- 115, 116, and 117, Columbus College of Art and Design | 1991-1995