Creative & Scholarly: Design Projects : Web Presence + Graphic Design

Web has shifted to Social Media design and running campaigns, I have learned how to develop my own online presence in the the design and Concept art markets so that I can share methods with my students.

Web: Online Presence

  • Pinterest
  • Adobe Portfolio
  • Art Station
  • Behance
  • Tumblr

Graphic Design

  • Huntman Builders
  • Kenowa Hills
  • Michigan Election Reform Alliance

Professional Online Presence:

I added my artwork to the main social media online galleries and communities for my genre starting in 2015. I gathered information for students including pros and cons of each site and how to access job postings and contests.

I collaborated with Bill Fischer to create the Online Presence Guide used in the Professional Practices Courses to guide students how to find their mainstream and niche markets to reach out to the international community of artists and designers and all of the job postings and forums that are available once they have created the required online presence. is a personal website that shows my professional portfolio, my student examples and CV.

I used this site to apply for the Tenure Track Position at KCAD in DM which I was appointed in 2016.

Adobe Portfolio Online Presence

Behance Online Presence

Pinterest Collections

Used to teach students how to benchmark, work collaboratively and gather references.

Tumblr – Daily Draw online presence

KCAD Digital Media Facebook Group - Posting to keep connected with student body and incoming students

Digital Art and Design Facebook Page

Graphic Design: Created Branding Assets for Huntman Builders, Inc

Logo for use on letterhead, truck vinyl graphics, estimates, invoices, signage

I worked with Elementary School students to teach them graphic design skills.

Here is a flyer from the Snowball dance I illustrated and a 4th grader made the logo.

DC Student Trip poster for Kenowa Hills using Sketchup for Modeling the White House.

I worked with the Kenowa Hills Student Leadership team to create a website Central Scoop and taught the principle how to content manage. My flyer for the dance is on the page and favorite ice-creams drawn by each student member.

Michigan Election Reform

Created Logo and Pamphlet on Michigan Election Reform and ending gerrymandering.