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Exploring the entertainment market has led me to find a new venue for our KCAD student skill set.


  • 1st & Goal Football Mobile Game
  • Buffalo Bull Character
  • Power Towers the Card Game

Concept Art and Production Art for 1st and Goal :

A digital strategy game developed by Underbite Games and by R and R Games for phones, tablets and the web. Illustrations show when gains, losses penalties are realized during game-play.

  • Character Designs by Susan Bonner
  • 20 Full rendered illustrations
  • Art Directed by Cory Heald Underbite Games
  • Programming by Underbite Games
  • Launched on IOS and Android Markets in August 2014
  • 4 Star Rated Google Play Store

Publication of a scholarly or professional research in a book or referreed publication:

The Apple Store is very select. Apps have to pass Appleā€™s criteria to be selected it is the juror of the game industry. Underbite then brought this game to Grand Con 2014 in August.

Character Design Project - Buffalo Bull

Game Concept Character with Costume and leveled up with Armor from inventory

See the process on ArtStation

Power Tower the Card Game

Box Art for Power Towers

My company, Visualpump, developed a card game, PowerTowers with art by my son, Dylan age 11-12. I created a method of using Photoshop at Super Low Res to create an 8Bit look that is then scalable to print on a card game.

This game now published on so that he can sell it as a fully working card game.

I did the graphic design for the game in InDesign. There are 128 cards, I helped Dylan to learn Photoshop, InDesign and google spreadsheets to organize our game. Bill Fischer edits and produces.

I have been using this experience to test what is possible in Art Education. I have been considering challenging students to go directly into industry processes through art ed. This project integrates what young people love in this case games into art learning.

Hero Card
Prototype printed out and being game play tested.
Back of Gold Card
Item Card
Monster Card
Room Card

Bill and Dylan game play testing. We learn a lot about how we have to change the game in regard to design, point system, strategy and rule book. Iterations are made and then we test it again. This method is brought into my classes where we create board games and card games as well.