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Exploring the children's market though children's book concepts and character design in addition to the Wheels work in children's animation market and Leapfrog work in Published Product Design.

Children's Market

  • That Turtle Can Fly Children's Book
  • Hockey Character

Children's Book : Wow that Turtle Can Fly!

Book Cover

Artist Statement:

Multi-generational design experiments that can demonstrate how persons of differing backgrounds, experience, expertise and especially age can create unique visual and narrative experiences for audiences. This process also provides a venue for connectedness between generations not only during the creative process but as a socio-cultural experience as well.

In creating the book and user testing it with audiences we found out that the words "Boy that turtle can fly!" were implying that males are better than females. Working through those cultural norms as a family was a an eye opening for all of us as we realized our bias and then adjusted to accept more people into the audience of the book. The title is now "Wow that turtle can fly!" Because, wow! not just boys can have fun with the book and Wow! girls can dream too.

The book is dedicated to my sister, Teresa, who lives out the dream of the turtle being able to fly. Teresa, who lives with a severe developmental disability similar to autism seeks to live out each moment of the day to the fullest.

The Author, Don Bonner, reads a prototype of the book to his daycare children.

  • A children’s book by 3 generations; written by my father, Don Bonner, Illustrated by my son, Dylan Fischer with painting, graphic design and art direction by myself, Susan Bonner.
  • 24 page Children’s Book Created in Photoshop and InDesign to be published as a print book and an eBook.
  • InDesign Publishing Process for Blurb online publishing to prep for iPad and Android Devices.
  • 2017: Storyboarding, writing, editing, style guide, publishing research. Illustrated 12 pages.
  • 2018: finished the internal illustrations (12 illustrations) Worked on user testing with Preschool and daycare groups and made changes to the title, text and images based on feedback.

Art Education experiment:

  • I have been exploring what is possible for young learners through this experience of teaching my 10-12 year old son about children's book publishing. I believe students who are given the opportunity to use skills in collaboration with experts can push beyond standards in learning to real world experiences. I am excited about what the Museum School will be doing with Internships as I believe these types of experiences should be available to all students so that they might be able to see beyond the classroom into potential for careers and the impact they can have on society.
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Working on an interactive cross platform children's book of my own with "Wow that Turtle can fly!" I have been able to use the tools I have learned in Adobe Creative Cloud's cross platform and InDesign online publishing to train my students in digitally activated and animated children's books.

That Turtle Could Fly
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Children's book process slide show by Susan Bonner that goes from research, concepts, writing and art.

Character Design Project - Hockey Character

Hockey Ninja Character - Susan Bonner
Process of Character Imaging