Creative Activity: Design Projects: Animation and Storyboarding

My studio is very diverse in it's skill set which is what makes me a good fit for the KCAD Digital Art and Design Program as I train generalists with focuses in Imaging. I illustrate, animate, create card games, children's books, mobile games and motion graphics for corporations.


  • Amway Motion Graphics
  • Mad Milly Interactive Story App
  • Wheels Animation
  • Lost Boy Home Film
  • Think Fast Animations


  • Navteq - Navigation StoryBoards
  • The Water Got Used to me Storyboards

Amway Motion Graphics:

Converting Corporate Slide show into an animation that motivates
Brainstorming session with team
Producing the project and collaborating with Amway Marketing Executives

Amway Motion Graphic - see the process on Behance

In collaboration with Kendall Digital Media Adjunct Faculty, Chris Brown of Digital Concierge Now Chris owns his own business Interactive Guru.

Amway provided us with a corporate presentation that I designed, illustrated and prepped on the timeline for animation. Chris Brown animated and did the sound design. We created a fun informative video to more effectively convey their message.

  • The animation is 2:46
  • It was used internationally to help the leaders redirect the focus of the company.
  • It was translated into Portuguese and Spanish.
  • This was a 6-week project that required my full time commitment.
click play to see the animation
Thumbnails of some of the presentation screens provided to Amway.

What the Amway Americas Leadership team said:

“Excellent material. Congratulations! This will be a great tool to engage the team.”

“Nice job! That was a lot of work! Congrats!”

Mad Milly Animated Interactive Story App by Visualpump WIP

  • See the Script - "Let's do something Constructive"
  • Rewrite of the script to be an interactive story instead of an animation
  • Mouth designs for characters rigging
  • Keyframes layout for each book page
  • Interactivity using the KCAD Framework - an Interactive Flash framework designed by Chris Brown and used in our course work such as Professional Studio and Concept and Production Design. I rebuilt the framework for my needs with the new graphic user interface and design for my children’s book.
Mad Milly - Interactive Children’s book - Process Shots Book Layout and Writing

Children's Character Design for Animation

Still from Animation: 3 fully rigged characters

Visualpump Game Art Demo

Character Design and Character Rigging by Susan Bonner

See the Animation

Animation by Bill Fischer

Character Development exploring shape types.

Lost Boy Home Film: Imaging and Animation for Documentary

Images from the animations of the war

Zachariah Char, a Sudanese “Lost Boy” featured in the New York Times, returns to South Sudan and his home village of Duk Padiet to search for his mother and father – 24 years after fleeing the country during a civil war.

Visualpump animated the war scenes of this documentary film. I did the art, Bill Fischer and I animated and Brad Yarhouse did storyboarding. I did project management.

Narrated by Sam Waterston, Executive Produced by Liesel Litzenburger Meijer: It has continued to be featured in Film Festivals.

Film Festival Circuit

  • UICA 2014 Screening
  • Selected Palm Beach International Film Festival
  • Africa World Documentary Film Festival
    • Best Shorts Awards Winner

click to play the reel from Lost Boy Home

Think Fast Animations for TJohn E Publications

A Nationally Distributed Game Show Animations by Visualpump - Susan Bonner, Bill Fischer and Jessica Newton

I did the project management, art direction and client communications. This game show is used in colleges and high schools to bring awareness to topics such as binge drinking, STD's, drunk driving and responsible citizenship.

Click play to see Think Fast Animation Reel by Visualpump

Navtech Storyboards and Character Rig

Storyboards for buisiness to business ad for Navteq to be used at conferences. Animated by Navteq in house.

Rigged the character from 3 views for use by animation team.

Character Rig
Product we were advertising

The Water Got Used Me Storyboards

Storyboards for a short animation from the perspective of a child using coping strategies.