An Epilepsy Center surgically cured my elilepsy!


Many neurosurgeons are moving towards NOT removing any hair or are clipping a minimal amount along the incision line rather than shaving an area before surgery.  Preserving the hair did NOT increase the infection rate post-surgery, offered considerable cosmetic value, and supports normalcy for all.

Ask your physician to shave your hair minimally.

An Epilepsy Center provides progressive medical care.

An Epilepsy Center's EMU/epilepsy monitoring unit utilizes advanced technology to locate seizures precisely.  They treat seizures with medication management, therapies and offer minimally invasive, safe surgical options when medications don't work.  If seizures are not under control after one year of medical care or with the trial of two medications, seek care at an Epilepsy Center.  Anyone can go to an Epilepsy Center for an evaluation to ensure they receive the most advanced care available for seizure freedom. 

It is vital to prevent SUDEP. 

National Association of Epilepsy Centers:  

How An Epilepsy Center Can Help, learn about an EMU (NAEC video): 


My Seizures, Know More Tool: This tool is to empower people living with seizures or unfavorable side effects from medication to seek specialized care at an Epilepsy Center.

For additional information, see links from the CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (


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