Useful Tips

Useful Tips:

  1. Follow your favorite physicists in your field on Twitter and suggestions from there on, to get latest updates on their research, articles, conferences and sometimes they even re-tweet or post openings in their groups there, so you don't want to miss out on those!

  2. Always look for videos and lectures by the professors you are interested in working with, because one can understand their broad area of research, personality, open problems they are currently pursuing or interested in!

  3. Template email: A template email that can be referred to, while writing for summer internships, RA and PhD

  4. Template CV

  5. My latest article on applications for PhD in physics, do check it out here

  6. My other recent article providing my perspective on dilemma between PhD vs MSc/MS right after engineering or BSc physics degree.

  7. My recent article hosted on BITS R&D website describing my experience of working in-person at Penn state as an adjunct researcher