Mini-Astro workshop

Mini-Astro Workshop

This mini-Astro workshop is being organized currently in collaboration with Bose.X, PAE, and Stellar Universe. We invite participants for this workshop which is being held virtually. For those who can't attend, the talks will be recorded and made available on YouTube here

Please note this is a continuous workshop and has no end date, as more speakers volunteer, we will have additional sessions after these initial set of lectures.

This workshop will be a set of talks/lectures by early PhD students on various aspects of Astrophysics and Cosmology, topics ranging from gravitational waves, star formation, astrodynamics to primordial black holes, LISA, and EMRI. This workshop's main objective is to provide the exposure of current research in the topics mentioned above and introduce the techniques and excitement of different computational tools in Astro-Cosmo research.

It also consisted of demonstrating a few basics on using the terminal, bash scripting, and programming mainly in Python and Julia in the first two talks.

This virtual workshop consists of one hour lectures followed by 15 min Q&A and possible 30 min hands-on session. It’s mainly targeted towards undergraduates and early master’s students from Physics and other engineering backgrounds who want to make a career in astrophysics and cosmology. The list of speakers include early PhD students and recent master’s students from universities, all across the world. The talks will also include discussions on various resources and references associated with those topics.

List of Speakers:

Aman Agarwal, University of Guelph and Perimeter Institute.

Ayan Acharyya, Australian National University

Devarshi Choudhury, Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy

Ish Mohan Gupta, Penn State University

Komal Gupta, University of New South Wales

Manas Vishal, IISER Kolkata

Rafia Sarwar, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

Rajsekhar Mohapatra, Australian National University

Raghav Arora, Universität Hamburg

Shivan Khullar, University of Toronto

Sumedha Biswas, Radboud University

Surendra Padamata, Penn State

Link to the recorded talks and schedule

Organizing team: Surendra Padamata, Ankul Prajapati, Amitesh Singh, Ayushi Rajgor, Divyanshu Tiwari, Dushyanth Edadasula, Jayesh Pandey, Saurabh

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