Our Approach...

This is Evan at Supreme Lending. I wanted to highlight some of our loan products and our approach to funding loans. Feel free to call me directly to discuss in more depth 469-709-1866

A proactive approach to “Alleviate Rushes”

Supreme Lending Corporate tracks all production milestones and individual performance

Our Loan Origination Software (Encompass) is highly customized to ensure efficiencies. Many bolt-on or third-party-software products have been added:

  • Automated income verification by scanning and translating tax documents into GSA approved documents
  • A Daily Production Dashboard for processing to better prioritize and assess their next steps.
  • Processing Scorecards are compiled across 20 milestones in the lending process. Individual processors are graded across 8-10 of these production milestones. The goal is to identify rushes and alleviate them before they become a pattern.
  • Our goal is to proactively identify obstacles in production and remedy them immediately.

We have created specific teams to expedite app to fund times.

  • Jumbo Desk
  • Bank Statement Program Desk
  • Scenario Desk (calculate income and recommend the right products)
  • Branch Support
  • Condo Desk
  • Training Department
  • Branch Onboarding Department
  • LO Transition Team
  • Processing Help Desk
  • Underwriting Help Desk
  • IT Help Desk

Our Marketing Department Specializes in:

Video Production (at corporate OR at your location):

  • Digital Marketing (we run ads with local information on all social media platforms)
  • Enormous library of print & co-branded material available on demand



  • Dedicated Operations Support for Each Branch: Processing, Underwriting, Closing, and Funding
  • Support Available by a Phone Call on an Average 8 Second Pickup Time.
  • We Provide multiple CRM’s for LO’s to Utilize Based on Their Personal Preference and Past Experience
  • In-House Marketing Team operates as an Agency to Portray You as the Local Expert and Remain Lender Neutral
  • Customized Social Media Feeds and Drip Campaigns: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
  • Mobile Point of Sale- Automated Pre-Approval/Qualification Letters, 24/7 Status Updates, Automated Underwriting