Nikkou Rae

Nikkou with our "grafted in" daughter Brianna. Meeting for the first time.

Nikkous favorite sleeping position. It's an "Akita" thing.

Sharing a drink with Maggie.

Nikkou is my girl through and through.

One last picture with our dog Ego before we had to say goodbye to him. He had been hit by a car when he was a puppy and it had messed up his hips. By this point about 10 years later he was in so much pain. Nikkou loved him so much and we just devastated when we came home without him.

Snuggles on my prego belly with Oliver.

Maggie with her bunny Pepper, and Nikkou.

Yuki Frost

First picture together!

From the first min we got Yuki, Oliver has been her person. She adores him.

First pictures together!

Our girls meeting for the first time.

Olivers 6 month pictures. We had to put Yuki in a few.

First snow fall. She LOVED it!

Takayuki Moses "Moses"

Our trip home with Moses. He loved snuggling Nikkous tail. And now these two love each other so much!

Moses with one of his puppies, Tenshi Moses born out of Yuki on 12/08/17.