Nikkou Rae

Yuki Frost- Retired - We are no longer breeding Yuki due to some complications in the delivery of her last litter and needing to have a c-section. We ended up loosing some of her puppies and we just didn't want to risk that for her or for any future puppies. So she is now just lovingly mothering our littlest human pack members. We are cautiously looking for the right forever home for her where she can live out the rest of her days as a devoted pet. She was born in August of 2015. Feel free to inquire about her however please know that we are going to be very picky about where she spends the rest of her days as she has been more than just one of our breeding females. She has been our beloved pet, pack member and at times an amazing protector of our kids. She has been raised around other animals and does ok with us there however I think she would do better in a home with no cats or smaller animals. She tends to play more aggressively.