Nikkou Rae

Nikkou in labor with litter number 3

Emi Gin

Yuki Frost- Retired - We are no longer breeding Yuki due to some complications in the delivery of her last litter and needing to have a c-section. We ended up loosing some of her puppies and we just didn't want to risk that for her or for any future puppies. So she is now just enjoying a life of leisure and being spoiled in her new forever home with my (Angel's) dad. It has proven to be the perfect solution for her. She has always loved my dad but she still gets to come visit us and check on the little humans in her life. And we can go visit her any time we want. She is extremely happy with her new position in life.

Yuri Rose (Nikkou's daughter litter #3

(Photos to come on our website once she has cleared all her screenings. Until then feel free to check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see pictures of all our dogs, as well as past puppies.