Welcome to our Superior Akitas website. We are so happy that you stopped by to see our dogs and our available puppies as well as learn a little about us as a family. We look forward to hearing from you as well as helping you find your Akita. Let us introduce ourselves. My name is Angel and along with my wonderful, supportive husband Jaime, we have 4 beautiful children. Maggie is our oldest, then Liam, Oliver and Gideon. Along with our Akita's we also have a cat named Petunia, a hamster named Sunny Goliath, and 3 fish named Chase, Rubble, and Marshal. As you can tell we are an animal loving family!

We are new to breeding in the sense that we have just started our personal Akita breeding business in 2014 however I (Angel) have lots of experience with dogs, puppies, as well as puppies being born. Growing up we always had lots of different pets from a raccoon to a fish and just about everything in between. I have grown up knowing that I wanted 3 things in my life. To be a stay at home Mama, to home-school my kids and to breed dogs as a way to help support my family. Oh! And because I am a HUGE animal lover. Although I never knew the breed I wanted to focus my passion on. It wasn't till 2012 while thinking and praying about the future and the puppies that would come in the future that I just knew in my heart that Akita's were it for us.

The name 'Superior Akitas' comes from our love of the North Shore along Lake Superior here in MN. It is the place that we as a family go whenever we get a chance. It is our home away from home and the place we hope to call home someday. We thought Superior Akitas only made sense for that reason and for the reason we personally believe that Akita's are "superior" to other dogs (although we do love many other breeds).

Each of the puppies that have and will come through our home and business are loved, cared for, nurtured, socialized and most of all prayed for. Not just the puppies but the families that will choose to open their homes to them as well. It is a passion we will never waiver from.

Thank you again for coming to visit our website and we truly hope to hear from you soon! May God's richest blessings be on everything you do!

Contact us at:

  • (952) 297-7799