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What are superfoods and does superfood really exist?

People eat food every day. Sometimes the food gets a special term. For example, food is sometimes given the term superfood. The term superfood is a true trend to the word. In the case of the word superfood, in many cases one thinks of super healthy products. Athletic Greens

It is precisely the products from far and / or exotic places that belong to this superfood. Examples include: maca, chia seed and Goji berries. Although superfoods are becoming increasingly popular, the word superfood can no longer officially be used. The reason is that, according to the EU, there are no foods that can work wonders and that there are no scientific proofs for many health effects.

What is meant by superfood?

Superfood is a term that is used more and more often. The term has come over from America. In America, Hollywood stars swear by the so-called superfoods. These are 100% natural foods that contain extraordinary amounts of healthy nutrients. When talking about healthy foods, in most cases it concerns foods that contain 2 or 3 special properties. Superfoods generally involve 12 or more of these properties. In addition, superfoods contain a very high concentration:

  • Minerals,
  • Vitamins,
  • Amino acids,
  • Anti-oxidants.

Because superfoods contain a lot of healthy nutrients, superfoods would make an important contribution to a healthy life and prevent, reduce or delay many physical complaints. This could include delaying the aging process.

Superfood Supplements

Where can you buy superfoods?

Many superfoods are only available through special web shops or health food stores. Other superfoods are again easier to obtain and are on the shelves of the larger supermarkets.

Origin of superfoods

Superfoods seem to be a modern trend. Yet many superfoods are already being used by various indigenous peoples such as;




used for centuries as healthy foods. Healthy foods are eaten by the indigenous peoples against various disorders and ailments. The reason that it took so long before the superfoods became popular in Western countries, has to do with the fact that it took a long time before the processing methods were discovered. The foodstuffs appeared to have a longer shelf life and were also very easy to be shipped. In order to keep the food products longer, many superfoods are consumed in dried form.

Top ten superfoods

The real breakthrough of superfoods seems to be David Wolfe's bestseller superfoods. David Wolfe discusses the top ten of the best superfoods. David Wolfe, who has a master's degree in nutrition science, is seen as the top authority in the field of:

  • health,
  • food,
  • herbs
  • organic superfoods.

According to David Wolfe, the ten best superfoods are:

  • Goji berries
  • Cocoa
  • Maca
  • Bee pollen
  • Spirulina
  • AFA Blue / green algae
  • Marine Phytoplankton
  • Aloe Vera
  • Hemp seed
  • Cocos
Superfood Supplements
Superfood Supplements

The Nutrition Center

Not everyone is convinced of the existence of superfoods. The Nutrition Center is therefore of the opinion that superfoods do not exist, because no food product can supply all the essential nutrients that the body needs. best organic green superfood powder