SC19 SuperCompCloud: Workshop on Interoperability of Supercomputing and Cloud Technologies

SuperCompCloud: Workshop on Interoperability of Supercomputing and Cloud Technologies

Time & Location

Monday, November 18, 9am to 12:30 pm, 704-706, Denver Convention Center, CO, USA

Workshop Agenda (Abstracts and Bio)

9:00 am-9:05am Welcome by David Y. Hancock, Indiana University, USA

Session I: Scientific Breakthroughs and Opportunities (Chair: David Y. Hancock, Indiana University, USA)

  • 9:05 am-9:40 am: Scalability and data security: deep learning with health data on future HPC platforms. Georgia Tourassi, Director – Health Data Sciences Institute, ORNL, USA
  • 9:40 am-10:00 am: Cloud and Supercomputing Platforms at NCI Australia: the Why, the How and the Future. Allan Williams, Associate Director for Services and Technology at NCI, Australia

Coffee Break

Session II: Technology Perspective and Outlook (Kevin Kissell, Google, USA)

  • 10:30 am-11:10 am: Keynote: HPC and Cloud Operations at CERN. Maria Girone, CTO, CERN openlab, Switzerland
  • 11:10 am-11:30 am: Computing Without Borders: Combining Cloud and HPC to Advance Experimental Science. Debbie Bard, Data Science Engagement Group Lead, NERSC, USA
  • 11:30 am-11:50 am: OpenStack and the Software-Defined Supercomputer. Stig Telfer, StackHPC, UK
  • 11:50 am - 12:10 pm: Perform Like a Supercomputer, Run Like a Cloud. Stathis Papaefstathiou, Senior VP for R&D, Cray Inc, USA
  • 12:10 pm-12:30 pm: Q&A Panel (Maria Girone, Debbie Bard, Stig Telfer and Stathis Papaefstathiou)

Closing and next steps by Sadaf Alam, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, Switzerland

Workshop Abstract

This workshop aims at bringing together group of experts and practitioners from academia, national labs and industry to discuss technologies, use cases and best practices in order to set a vision and direction for leveraging high performance, extreme-scale computing and on-demand cloud ecosystems. Topics of interest include tools and technologies enabling scientists for adopting scientific applications to cloud interfaces, interoperability of HPC and cloud resource management and scheduling systems, cloud and HPC storage convergence to allow a high degree of flexibility for users and community platform developers, continuous integration/deployment approaches, reproducibility of scientific workflows in distributed environment, and best practices for enabling X-as-a-Service model at scale while maintaining a range of security constraints.

Topics included within the scope:

  • Virtualization for HPC e.g. virtual machines, containers, etc.
  • Storage systems for HPC and cloud technologies
  • On-demand and interactivity with performance, scaling and cost efficiencies
  • Resource management and scheduling systems for HPC and cloud technologies
  • Software defined infrastructure for high-end computing, storage and networking
  • Application environment, integration and deployment technologies
  • Secure, high-speed networking for integrated HPC and cloud ecosystems
  • Extreme data and compute workflows and use cases
  • Research infrastructure deployment use cases
  • Resiliency and reproducibility of complex and distributed workflows
  • Isolation and security within shared HPC environments
  • X-as-a-Service technologies with performance and scalability
  • Workflow orchestration using public cloud and HPC data centre resources
  • Authentication, authorization and accounting interoperability for HPC and cloud ecosystems
  • Workforce development for integrated HPC and cloud environments

Workshop Steering Committee

Confirmed Members

  • Roy Campbell, DOD, USA
  • Kevin Kissell, Google
  • Dirk Pleiter, Juelich Supercomputing Centre , Germany
  • Steve Poole, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
  • Victoria Stodden, University of Illinois, USA

Committee members are currently being solicited and confirmed. If you would like to participate in the committee please contact the workshop organizers Sadaf Alam (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre) and David Y. Hancock (Indiana University) at