SupaJoint SupaToonz is an adult cartoon series about HotRock SupaJoint, the World's Dopest Rapper. HotRock has one ambition, to "Smoke mo' weed homiez!" A middle aged, white male stoner, with a serious identify crisis, (kinda like Elon Musk) HotRock thinks he’s “the worlds dopest rapper.

HotRock pumps more hits into his bong than onto the radio, but this doesn't keep his small loyal following of fans like his sidekick LilWeed, and his fluffer/stylist, Baby K or his ambitious manager, Saul Jacobs . Saul rolls profits from pot stocks into gold records while avoiding . To sell HotRock he, hires K-Pop hip-hop producer Song Sung, to record HotRock’s first record, ‘I Jussa Wanna Smoke Marijuana’.

As well, we are developing SupaJoint: Up in Dope, animated feature film for Netflix (or Hulu or some other shit). In the Up in Dope saga, HotRock embarks on a world tour across the "United Marijuana States of America", and Amsterdam. HotRocks tour kicks off at the celebration of the passing of the Michigan Marihuana Act 2018, then heads up to try Canada weed. Every town he’s in he’s asking, “Where’s the dispensary, yo?” His world-tour abruptly ends in Holland after the SpaceCake ExpoTM , because HotRock at this point, "be too stoned to keep switchin sides of the road, yo!"

Join HotRock, as he smokes Missouri marijuana, and some Oklahoma marijuana, the infamous New Jersey ‘NJ weed’, and the tour culminates with a celebration of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, where everyone has been asking, “Why is 4/20 weed day when it be 420 time everyday?”

About SupaToonz

Our series introduces Hotrock Supajoint and his sidekick LilWeed. We meet his fluffer Baby K, his dog Little Weed and of course his former dealer Weedman, who he just hangs with now that he gores to the dispensary. The pilot introduces Hotrock to his future music manager Saul, who rolls profits from pot stocks into Acapulco Gold Records. WATCH NOW

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A Dope New Year

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4/20 Yo

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