Own a dispensary, glass shop or cannabis-themed business?

We are currently looking for offering product placement and marketing opportunities for businesses and brands targeting a MMJ and recreational marijuana audience.*

If you are a strain farmer, seed-bank, edible manufacture, collective, dispensary, glass blower or provide other cannabis related products or services, we want to promote your business within our animated properties.

Contact us to discuss the following opportunities:

  • Branded Sponsorship
  • Product Endorsements
  • Product Placements
  • Custom Promotional Spots

To discuss how your brand can benefit from direct exposure to a growing medical and recreational marijuana audience, contact Ralph at: 818-527-5539

*SupaToonz will feature your product or brand exclusively within the story arc as a character loyal brand, character handled prop or brand name mention within the scripted narrative. We will also create and distribute custom, animated product endorsements for your brand, service or product that will drive visitors to you website or product page. However, due to current interstate regulations, we cannot solicit direct calls to action for product sales.


We can place our brand and mention your product in the story narrative.

Animated Celebrity* Appearances

Our sound-alike voice talent can reproduce many famous celebrities.