Reach out now to play in the Fall!

Upcoming Events:

Free Play/General meetings start 2/3/24 (Saturdays 12pm-2pm) and are in the Lounge! (Dunn Room 392)

Competitive seasons resume shortly. See 'Roster' for more details!

This year, the SUNY Potsdam esports club (aka Potsdam Videogame Club) has teams competing in two leagues; 

SUNY (State University of New York) and NECC (National Esports Collegiate Conference)

Competitions are streamed for viewing, and often commentated by our Stream-Team.

We are actively searching for commentators, streamers, and content creators to join us, and for new players to fill the ranks.

Interested in playing, or being involved with streaming/video production?

Reach out!

Free play Sessions: Saturdays, 12pm-2pm (during semester)

Possible Competition Schedule for Spring 2024

This spring semester, the teams we had were;

SUNY League teams consisting of a Valorant team, Rocket League - Polar Bears, Rocket League - Goliath Bears, and a new COD: MW2 team, as well as a single Guilty Gear Strive player!

NECC League teams consisting of  the Valorant - Gummy Bears, our Overwatch 2 Team, the League of Legends Team, a SSBU singles player, and a new SSBU Crews Team

Last fall, the teams we fielded were;

SUNY League teams consisting of the Valorant 1 team, Rocket League 1, Rocket League 2, Rocket League 3, and a roster of SSBU players!

NECC League teams consisting of a Valorant 2 team, Overwatch 2 Team 1, a League of Legends Team, and more SSBU players! 

We can't wait to add you to the roster!

Social Media Hub

Instagram: @potsdam_esports

Check our the instagram page for information on events, competition announcements, and more!

You can also find us on Twitch: SUNYPotsdamEsports YouTube: PotsdamEsports VOD Channel and TikTok: Potsdamesports 

Or, for students, find us on GetInvolved: Potsdam Esports




Fall 2022: Potsdam Joins NECC

SUNY Potsdam is joining the National Esports Collegiate Conference this year, in hopes for a more competitive season with a broad range of teams. 

This league has teams from all across the coutry, with 5 divisions separated by skills level. 

In the Fall 2022 season, the Bears will be competing in Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we can't wait!

Stay tuned!

Potsdam in the SUNY League

SUNY Potsdam Esports has been part of the the SUNY Esports League since Fall 2020, and we have continued to compete with the many other teams there. 

This league spans across all the SUNY schools and we will be competing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rocket League, and Valorant.