One School One Book

What is it?

The “One School, One Book” program is a shared reading experience – sort of like Sunset’s own book club – that is meant to be a fun way to develop our community of readers. The chosen book remains a surprise until the kickoff. The book and its themes are incorporated into the school day at morning assembly, in classrooms, in library, and through independent projects. It can be a great starting point for discussing important topics with your family or friends.

How it works:

Every student is provided with a copy of the chosen book. Every week night, parents read one chapter out loud and together with their family. The next day at school, teachers, staff, and students talk about what happened in the chapter. It's fun to have something in common to talk about with...anyone at the school!

Many students were so excited by the past program that they wanted to do it with a new book every month! We are looking forward to it again and hope you are too!

Volunteers can help by reading the book out loud with groups of students at school every day right before dismissal.

When and where

Reading is done at home.

Related activities occur during the school day.

>>> See the calendar for this year's dates.

How can you help?

  • Read the chapter out loud to any students (or anyone!) in your family
  • Encourage your student to think about what they heard
  • Encourage your student to particpate in the One School One Book activities during school
  • Come to Sunset for the last 30 minutes of the day to read the chapter out loud to a group of students during the One School One Book program

If you're interested in helping, just let us know at