Multi-cultural Night

What is it?

Multicultural Night is a fun way to connect with families within our own Sunset community and to learn about the cultures and traditions of many countries. Everyone is invited to create a display sharing information, food, toys, etc about their family’s culture or about any country that you choose. Don’t miss live performances, food, and lots of fun learning about how people live around the world and in our community.

When and where is it?

Sunset Gym

>>> See the calendar for this year's date

How can you help?

  • Join us in the Sunset Gym to learn about the cultural heritage of families in our Sunset community.
  • Create a poster board display that celebrates a country's culture to share at Multicultural Night.
  • Encourage Sunset families to participate in Multicultural Night
  • Set up or clean up
  • Donate supplies

If you're interested in helping, just let us know at