Popcorn Days

What is it?

Four times a year, PTA volunteers pop popcorn for every student. Just for fun! We send home a form asking for a $2 donation at the beginning of the year to help cover the cost of the popcorn, but regardless of the money collected, ALL students get popcorn!

Volunteers pop kernels, bag and seal the popcorn, and deliver it to the classrooms. It takes about 3 hours and works best with at least 3 volunteers - no experience necessary! Will you be a popcorn hero to all the kids at Sunset?

When and where

At Sunset Primary

Select Friday mornings 8:15-11:00

Sep 28, Dec 20, Mar 29 , and Jun 7

How can you help?

Be a popcorn helper on a popcorn day!

>>> Just let us know at sunsetprimarytigers@gmail.com.