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All the Scenes within these scripts add to page length

The exception is many scenes are recalled, retold to keep direction easier to follow, and total pages may may very much lower due to the complexity of each story and thus reduction of pages and cost should be taken into consideration to be lower.

Set Locations are limited and contain Suspense, Dramatic Impact, and Special Effects

Actor and Actresses can be well known, but need not be, due to the High Impact and Intense Nature of the stories.

The Scripts are Camera-Ready, and open for negotiation

Every Story has Intense Conflict and Moral Subject Matter

Budget-Minded with years of experience how to create the fascination yet within reasonable budget.

Deeper Meaning and Message of these Stories

Why the Stories were Written for the Screen

The Eclipse of Darkness

Why this Story was written?

A World-Wide Action filled Intensifying Psychological Thriller

This is the first theological attempt ever to Create Stunning, Highly Visual

Captivating Worlds, with Intriguing Characters that will grip the audience of all ages

An Odyssey of our Human Existence

Delivering High Impact Scenes of Supernatural Stunning Effects

Psychological Conflicts, Visions, Omens, Dreams and Apparitions into other Worlds

To Answer

Why is there Life and Death?

The first ever theological attempt to explain what really happened in Genesis,

and how it affects us in our modern world.


If Eternity exists, and lasts forever

why do we exist now, in this moment in time?

What happened in Eternity, for out of all, its forever expanding,

why all of a sudden we come into existence?

The Big Bang, and the universe formed earth

and its evolution with plants and animals,

and then comes the Paradox of Genesis,

where a new species of man and woman arrive,

and a dark demonic presence.

What caused Genesis inside the evolution?

Was this Demonic Presence already upon the Earth, in Evolution with Animals?

What caused man and woman to be inside Genesis with a Demonic Presence?

Why would all humanity suffer as offspring

(procreating DNA heredity, souls in fleshly bodies)

for what did they do?

Did all humanity conspire with the Demonic Presence

in Genesis?

Are we all stained from a Fallen Nature

from Genesis into Evolution?

Why else should we suffer, toil, and die here on earth,

unless we all were there in Genesis

and still are in modern times.

Did all humanity follow the Demonic Presence

into Genesis upon Earth?

Fallen from Eternity into Genesis, Birth into Evolution,

where we all followed the Demonic Presence

Outwards into Evolution upon earth,

The Big Bang occurred for a universe to form

for earth to exist for Genesis,

delivering our souls into evolutionary survival in the flesh.

And now in modern day times it's unveiled.


Why must we all die?

Did we do something prior to this life?

Did we deny the Presence of God?

To enter Evolution through the Paradox of the Genesis Garden?

Why was there a Devil in Genesis?

What was Genesis?

Did our souls exist prior to Genesis?

What really Happened in Genesis?

The World will be Shocked

The Eclipse of Darkness

Where are the Demons Now?

The Battle Begins

One man holds the Apocalypse within his mind

The Kinetic Fields

Why this Story was written?

To Answer these Questions.

What is the human mind?

Is there a way to overcome our humanity and flesh?

Is there an antichrist?

The story is a fascinating symbolism

into these worlds

Is there a darkness in our minds holding us back

from taking humanity to the next step

into a mind-expanding higher level of existence?

Text Me. from Hell

The Transfiguration of Sarah Wellsley

The Reason for this story is to show, what have we become?

What is happening to humanity?

Are we in our minds falling to an unknown darkness?

We have Lost our Spirit?

Deep Poverty

Is there really a purgatory?

If so, who goes there?

What is it like?

Does anyone get out?

The Lawbots

Why this story was written?

Was to answer these questions why

What is Humanity? Why is there In-Humanity? Why is there Oppression?

Where does all the Conflict come from?

This Story is Set in the Future

Exposing the Legal System Today

When it Fails and goes into Darkness,

we go to War, Oppression, and Death

The Justice, Courts, and Legal Systems of the World are Corrupt

Set in a near Future Society

Where Lawyers and Judges are Criminally Insane

Imprisoning all Humanity


Why this story was written?

Was to answer these questions.

Is this all there is to Life?

The Day in and the Day out.

One Man is ready to find out.


Why this story was written?

Was to answer these questions.

Has Humanity become so obsessed with

Technology that our minds are losing imagination?

and lost faith in being

Resurrected at Death?

Becoming our own self gods.

I am your god


Why this story was written?

Was to answer these questions.

What if ?