Sungsik Park


​I am a PhD Candidate at University of Florida, Warrington College of Business.

I am on the academic job market 2017-18, available for interviews at the 2017 AMA Meeting in San Francisco.

My research interest lies in user-generated information such as online reviews.

In particular, I investigate how this information can be distorted either by the incentives of the agents (e.g., reviewers and sellers) on market platforms or by the nature of the user-generated (consumption-based) information.

Research Interests

Online Reviews, User-Generated Information, Observational Learning, Pricing

Working Papers

  • "The First-Review Effect: Interdependence between Volume and Valence of Online Consumer Reviews,"

revising for invited 3rd round review at Marketing Science (with Woochoel Shin, and Jinhong Xie)

  • "Incentivized Reviews" (Job Market Paper)

MSI Reports

  • "The Dark-Side of User-Generated Information: The Fateful First Review" Cambridge, MA: Marketing Science Institute, Accepted (with Woochoel Shin, and Jinhong Xie)

Work in Progress

  • "The Role of List Prices: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment," with Jinhong Xie and Man Xie
  • "Competing for Attention: Sharing Negative News in Social Media,” with Debanjan Mitra
  • “The Evolution of the Volume of User Reviews Distributions: The Role of Limited Attention," with Quan Zheng

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Contact Information


University of Florida,Warrington College of Business

Department of Marketing,PO Box 117155, 249A STZ

Gainesville, Florida 32611-7155