Our first corporate project (2005) was a 'project finance' solar thermal concept rural Texas applications for thermal energy. The project evolved to focus on converting Central Texas mesquite and cedar biomass from land-clearing into thermal and electrical power for regional industries. This project projected a $200 million investment over 10 sites in Central Texas. The project was abandoned (2008) when natural gas prices dropped below $4.00 / mmBtu.

Our first retail project is called Microbial Earth Farms. It focuses on understanding the role of microbes in the soil and the residential consumer marketplace. You can find this project online. Please note that the store has been closed so that we can focus on developing new projects.

RR&I was created to develop long term sustainable living environments and amenities that produce nutrient dense food, maximize rainwater capture and storage, and reduce total operating costs to residents. We partner in the design and build phases, and provide guerilla marketing to accelerate sales velocity, along with long term operations and maintenance services to Municipal Utility Districts.

Travis IDEAL (Innovation District for the Environment, Affordability and Living) is leading innovation in resiliency, and financing of green infrastructure around fast growing metropolitan areas. We design communities first for water and food production, then for the housing, not the other way around. The result is increased affordability, especially when combined with shared and public transportation options.

Regenerative Conservancy is our idea for a form of Conservation Easement (a legally defined property interest) that greatly expands the production of ecosystem services in nature.

It drives tremendous investment for new green infrastructure such as ponds, trees, and productive grasslands into 75% of a particular tract of land. It finances this by enabling development on the remaining 25% of the tract.