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Solving local climate change with Regenerative Agriculture Development Districts (RADDs)

Sunergie works at the intersection of rural places, the environment and the rural economy. We believe that soil is our most precious resource, that regenerative agriculture is the key to regenerating Earth's soils, and that the residential real estate industry is the way to fund it.

Our unique vision originates in a systems perspective. For those seeking outside-the-box thinking and a way to address the nexus which improves soils, water, evaporation rates, rural economic development, transportation, sprawl, health, and the nutrient density of our foods, we are the consultants of choice.

Our proposed framework is Degenerative versus Regenerative. What is better for the animals, the local environment, for you and for the planet?

Industrial food, and especially livestock from confined animal feeding operations is degenerative. Regenerative food, including pastured livestock, can be healthy for you (reference Omega 3:6), better for the animals and better for the planet. It is the system of production that is at issue, not animals (which are innocent). The following issue is then which practices, and breeds within each species are best at regenerative.

If you are a homeowner or want to live in Travis County, and wish to know more, please chick here for our Travis IDEA website

If you are a municipal official or someone interested in providing leadership in addressing local climate change, please click here.

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