Developing Regenerative Places

For landowners seeking innovative project ideas for land development in the ETJ and rural areas, Sunergie is a residential real estate partner that can help you generate more wealth with less risk during a period of rapidly changing environmental, social and economic conditions.

Unlike sprawl Sunergie goes outside of the conventional development box to deliver distinctive and exclusive amenities that homeowners value, such as:

  • food sovereignty,
  • health, mobility/independence, and
  • affordability.
  • Energy Independence
  • Circular Economy

Our planning process takes into account the operations of the project up to 30 years into the future.

We guide DBTO (Design, Build, Transfer, Operate) services to developers of Master Planned Greenfield Value Communities.

We are a new and essential part of your planning team, providing unique insights and value to our options and plan.

Contact us to find out the biggest regret that developers of agrihood amenity packages have. Click on this link to download Prairie Crossings 24 page report on Building Communities with Farms.

Our plans work because we approach them from the perspective of the long-term operator, the Steward and we are prepared to deliver that role as well.

We ensure that when your job as developer is done, there is a smooth hand-off to the permanent steward, that ensures your project has a great brand.

How can we help?

  • Reduce cash expenditures in the development process with USDA grants (both planning and operating). Ask us how.
  • Successful green plans require a clear vision not just for the developer, but for the consumer and the operator/steward as well. Ask us how.
  • The political landscape is responding to the destabilizing climate.

Schedule an appointment with us here, and we can start the discussion.