Sunergie, incorporated in 2003 has played a key role for numerous projects in the development of innovative rural economic business development models, from industrial solar thermal plants to CAFO animal waste conversion technologies. In the process, Sunergie clients have won more than 10 USDA planning and operating grants. Sunergie has also led the aggregation of several proposed biomass energy sites during the period 2006-2008, each in the 20 MW electric range, into a project finance portfolio of $200 million led by Ed Feo, Sr. Partner at Milbank Tweed Hadley and McCloy LLP. The project’s fate was tied to the collapse of natural gas prices in 2008.

The biomass energy projects awarded in 2006 and 2007 were composed of rancher operations in which a volume of biomass was collected from approximately 3,000 acres per year, coincident with the amount of cedar and mesquite tree biomass waste generated by the USDA NRCS EQIP County programs. The primary value/driver of the projects was in the thermal energy purchases needed by large industrial or institutional clients, with electricity sales to the local utilities as a co-product.

Since 2012, Sunergie has expanded its capabilities to include the development of Master Planned Communities seeking to include ‘Agrihood’ type activities. Sunergie’s R&D has developed extensive modeling of:

· Surface water banking and storage, including grey & black water resources, evaporation reduction strategies, broad acre permaculture design, and economic modeling of optimal reservoir construction and storage costs.

· The Economics of Regenerative Soil Quality Improvement, including the operation of compost yards for higher quality soil amendments including humified compost production, soil mineral balancing according to Mehlich III soil testing profiles.

· The Economics of advanced Carbon Positive Agrihood operations which include on-site livestock operations, mobile processing plants, optimized compost facility operations, and value added production facilities scaled to to the Agrihood model.

· Urban Land Institute (ULI) Stage 2 and 3 Economic Pro-formas for the development of Agrihoods demonstrating the economic and operational feasibility of Planning, Construction, and Operational aspects of the total supply chain needed to create 1,000 acre Agrihoods supporting hubs of 1,400 housing units on 80 acres of development land with 920 acres in conservation easements.

· Residential Real Estate marketing profiles for consumers seeking carbon positive lifestyle amenity projects, using ESRI’s Tapestry psycho-graphic marketing tools.

· Development of Intellectual Property related to the advanced Regenerative Agricultural Equipment needed to successfully operate carbon positive Agrihoods.

· Development of Intellectual Property related to the residential operations of Circular Economy activities and Startups.

· In addition, Sunergie contributes in-kind time to the TechStars Startup Weekend program leading North America’s first Startup Weekend for the Circular Economy.

In addition, Sunergie has added following new experience to its portfolio:

· Complex modeling and cost variance analysis support on renewable wind power projects in excess of $4.5 billion.

· Risk management of greater than $3.0 billion in forecasting analysis of renewable technologies, process and contract terms and conditions.

· Project management capacity with engineers, architects, suppliers, contractors and financial institutions using tools such as Gantt charts, Work Break Down Structures, etc. including presenting various reports to stakeholders and financial institutions.