Transformer Service and Components

Transformer Service & Components

ABB's service portfolio allows utilities and industrials to maximizing the return on transformer assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.

ABB provides services from commissioning to recycling for all brands and kinds of transformers. Our archives contain technical information for more than 30 legacy brands. Our guiding theme is responsiveness.

Our Offerings

1ZSC000562-AAA en Rev 3.pdf — ABB Oil Filter unit on Load Tap Changers.

1ZSC000857-ABN TEC Transformer Monitor.pdf — ABB Type "TEC" Power Transformer Monitoring System.

1ZSE5492-104.pdf — ABB TYPE "UZ" LTC Technical Guide.

1ZSE 5492-123 en Rev 5_Maintenance Guide.pdf — ABB Type "UZ" Maintenance Guide.

1ZSE 5492-132 en Rev 1_UZ Spare Parts.pdf — ABB Type "UZ" LTC Spare Parts List.

1ZUA549200-505 VRLTC technical guide rev2.pdf — ABB Type "VRLTC" Technical Guide.

1ZUL4560-100 MTMProgram.pdf — ABB MTM - Mature Transformer Management Program.

1ZUL4605-100 Transformer Remanufacturing.pdf — ABB Power Transformer Re-manufacturing Service Brochure.

1ZUL4605-200 LTC Service Brochure.pdf — ABB Load Tap Changer Service Brochure.

1ZUL4605-404 LTC recurrent problems case.pdf — ABB OLTC Kits service brochure.

1ZUL4605-900 Spare Parts.pdf — ABB Power Transformer spare parts service brochure.

2750 515-142 en Rev 0.pdf — ABB Bushing diagnostic and conditioning application manual.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing Brochure — ABB Advanced Diagnostic Testing Services for Power Transformers Brochure.

Bushing PCBs.pdf — Identifying Westinghouse bushings that may have PCB's.

GE Type U.pdf — Type "U" Bushings issue explanation.

IZUA%207711-210.pdf — Instructions for Installation and maintenance of ABB Type PBA2 Bushing Potential Devices.

Mature Transformer Management Program Paper — ABB Power Transformer Life-cycle Management and Maintenance Services.

Power Transformer Replacement Parts_sa 44-721-1.pdf

TPL_44-720C.pdf — ABB O & M of Inertaire Oil Preservation System.

Transformer Service Line Card — ABB Power Transformer Service Linecard.

VRLTC Installation and Maintenance Guide.pdf — ABB Type VRLTC Load Tap Changer Installation and Maintenance Guide.