Grid Integration

Overview on Substations

Since 1900, ABB has been designing and building tens of thousands of systems worldwide, including more than 10,000 high voltage substations, for utilities and industries.

The scope ranges from transmission to distribution substations and systems from 11 kV to 1,100 kV. The offering includes engineered packages and turnkey solutions from feasibility studies to operation stage. Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing substations for the technologies and applications is also available, as per our offerings below:

ABB Substation Business consists of:

  1. Substation Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC)
  2. Substation Automation: Protection (Relays) and Control (RTU's).
  3. Substation Communication: Routers and Wireless Hardware (Topos)

COMBIFLEX_COMBITEST.pdf — ABB Combiflex Protective Relay System

MicroSCADA_Pro_SYS_600C_-_The_compact_system.pdf — ABB Microscada STS600C System.

overview substations.pdf — ABB - Engineer / Procurement / Construction Prime Contract.

REC670_1.2_Product Guide_ANSI_Bay Control.pdf — ABB REC670 Protective Relay Bay Control System.

REG670_1.2_Product Guide_ANSI_Generator Protection.pdf — ABB REG670 Generator Protection Relay System.

Relion portfolio.pdf — Relion Family of Protective Relay - Motor / Distribution / Transmission / Generation / Bay Control all designed for IEC61850 Substation Migration.

RTU500 series information.pdf — ABB RTU500 Series Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Brochure.

RTU500-series-product-catalogue-online.pdf — ABB RTU500 Series Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Product Selection Guide.

Substations_FlashCard.pdf — ABB - Engineer / Procurement / Construction Prime Contract.

Tropos GridCom_A secure distribution are network architecture for smart grids.pdf — ABB Tropos Wireless Communication System.

Tropos mesh architecture_A reliable wireless IP broadband distribution area network.pdf — ABB Tropos Mesh Architecture for Smart Grids.

tropos-mesh-router-products.pdf — ABB Tropos Mesh Routers.

Video Surveillance for Industrial Security - ABB.pdf — ABB Tropos Wireless Video Surveillance.