Grid Systems

Overview about FACTS

Building a flexible electrical power system.

FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems) is a power industry term for technologies that enhance the security, capacity and flexibility of power transmission networks. FACTS solutions help power companies increase transmission capacity over existing AC power lines, providing fast voltage regulation, active power control and load flow control in meshed power systems. The main purpose is to minimize bottlenecks in existing transmission systems, and improve the availability, reliability, stability and quality of the power supply.

FACTS technology provides an alternative to building new power transmission lines or power generation facilities – an expensive and time-consuming process. It is a comparatively inexpensive and fast way to provide more power and control in existing networks, with minimal environmental impact. ABB is the global market leader in the field of FACTS, with a complete portfolio and in-house manufacturing of key components.

ABB SC Technology Overview for NWE 092012.pdf — Series Compensation Technology Overview.

Brochure_Energy_Storage_HR.pdf — ABB Static Var Compensation with Energy Storage.

IAS2002 final.pdf — ABB White Paper - Equal Resistance Control - A Control Methodology for Line-Connected Converters that offers Balanced Resistive Load under Unbalanced Input Voltage Conditions.

STATCOM 20A02-0164E.pdf — ABB SVC Lite Brochure.

SVC_ES_100210_org.pdf — ABB SVC Lite with Energy Storage.