Summit Mountain Biking

Welcome to Summit Mountain Biking - Celebrating more than 20 years of riding in and around Summit County, we are a group of mostly seniors over 55, but all are welcome to join us. We aren't a club with dues or officers, but simply a group of friends who like to mountain bike and give back by doing trail work. We schedule organized rides on Thursdays and several out of town trips (generally 2 nights during the week) throughout the summer and fall. We also usually have pickup rides on Sundays and Tuesdays when a member suggests one and sends out an email to the group.  

As active users of our trail system in Summit County, we feel an obligation to give back and thus sponsor at least 3 trail projects each year through the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District.  We've adopted Soda Creek Trail, Red Trail, and Groovy Uvi Trail and currently are working with the Forest Service to do major reroutes on all 3 for sustainability and to increase the fun factor.

In order to enhance fun and safety, we have some shared responsibilities - please  review these on the Responsibilities page.

If you would like to join us, please Drop us a short note. You'll find us a very congenial group with riders of all ability levels. 

Finally, once you are a member of our group and your permissions are squared away, you can find past messages our our Google forum, here. (for ease of adding members, not all members have established direct access. If you don't have access to the link above and really can't live without it, drop us a short note with the link in the para above and we'll work with you to get you set.)

(Photo courtesy of Rich Seeley - thank you!)