Summer of Success

Over summer break, scholars frequently lose academic ground. This phenomenon has been coined "summer learning loss." During a 2011 study*, it was determined that when returning to school following summer break, scholars on average performed one month behind where they performed in the spring.

At Grand Rapids Public Schools, we are excited to offer a variety of summer programming options to combat summer learning loss. In kindergarten through 8th grade, our Summer of Success programming focuses on building on the essential reading and math skills that students need to succeed in the upcoming school year. At the high school level, our programming enables scholars to recover credits they need to graduate on time.

Every scholar has a unique code to register. If you have lost your scholar's code or do not know it, please contact your school's secretary.

*McCombs, J.S., Augustine, C.H., Schwartz, H.L, Bodilly, S.J., Mcinnis, B., Lichter, D.S., & Cross, A.B. (2011). Making summer count: How summer programs can boost children’s learning. RAND Corporation.