Summer Arabic Study

Information for Princeton Students

Prepared by Greg Bell, Lecturer & Associate Director, Arabic Language Program

Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Latest News

CLS Applications Now Available

Application for the US Department of State’s 2023 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is now open! Students are welcome to apply now for this fully funded summer program. The application is available at

ألف مبروك !

Congratulations to Princeton's three 2022 CLS-Arabic award recipients:

Kulsoom Ghias '24 will study in Tangier, Morocco
Meryem Konjhodzic '23 will study in Meknes, Morocco
Priya Vulchi '22 will study in Amman, Jordan

The Arabic program is proud of all of you!

Important Travel Advisory Regarding COVID-19

In order to inform and support the health and safety of students and others in our community, the University has established a page for updated international travel advice concerning the Coronavirus at More specific information for student travelers is also available at Students should consult both of these sites when making travel plans.

Students should note that a number of programs are now offering online versions of their courses. Normally, the University would not fund student online language study when travel abroad is feasible; however, during the pandemic, students have been allowed to apply for funding to online programs. Some programs which are now offering online-learning options are noted on the Big List of Programs here; other programs may also offer online courses, so be sure to check with any program in which you are interested.