Foundations of Science

Foundations of Science - Art and Science of Movie Compositing

This course is designed to train students with hands on experience on movie editing, creation and compositing using VideoPad and Fusion 9. The main contents of the lecture series are shown as youtube videos in the below sections.

Software link from publisher:

Lecture 1: Basics of VideoPad software

  • Introduction to VideoPad software.
  • Basics of importing images
  • working with the timelines
  • saving the project
  • exporting the video

Lecture 2: Editing with video clips.

  • Importing video clips
  • Copyright free videos
  • Playback speed, direction and duration adjustment
  • Intro clip creation
  • Concept of overlay

Lecture 3: Sound editing with VideoPad

  • Working with audio tracks
  • Mixing multiple sounds
  • Using non copyrighted sounds and music
  • Audio enhancements
  • Audio special effects

Assignment #3

Make a video similar to

Using the video clips and sound clips from the below links, create a video as shown above without the watermark "Instructor's version"