Is History Repeating Itself? What Actions Can We Take?

Does History Repeat Itself?

This is a very complex and challenging question, where most of the times people get into good discussions about it. We, as a group of students of World History Honors, believe that history does indeed repeat itself. No matter how much knowledge or experience we gain, we still have people in this world who use all the information and opportunities that we have available today for evil. This is where education comes in; it is extremely important, to all of us, the study and the knowledge of history, so in the near future, we don't repeat the terrible and catastrophic actions made by some of the old world leaders, which many of them resulted in wars and genocides. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to change, and that's the problem. This world that it is full of patterns, weather we like it or not. With that being said, we as students, decided to come together and create this website in order to show people how terrible things can happen once history is repeated. We want you to make a change. We can. We will. Together, we can take action. Together, we have a voice. If we don't take action and be willing to change, history will probably repeat itself once again, and humanity will simply live in a repetitive cycle.