I dearly miss craiglist personals, straight to the point, searchable, and just plain good reading even when not looking to engage.

Being a chick I know I have it way good this side of anonymous sex, and I could put what I wanted specifically on a Tinder profile or whatever, but I really enjoy guys who are extremely driven by their kinks (such as guys who will get down and lick a girls toes anywhere) and I know from personal experience men will say they are into anything to try and close the deal, and only mid-act do you see that they aren't that into the activity I've been craving. Even if they are trying their best you can't beat a practiced foot or ass worshipper.

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Even if there are kink specific groups, some postings were just plain inspired. Things I would never think of, porn stars I would have never believed were just giving it away... Though, I suppose they are still men, and even 1000 titles doesn't satiate.

So, I've rambled enough, anyone know where the freaks at?

My gf and I were going up the escalator at the mall when an older man behind us told us to control ourselves and show some respect for the people around us. He was referring to my gf placing her hand underneath my shirt and touching my lower back. The older man said our behavior was inappropriate and downright disheartening considering how young we are. We apologized to the older man and went our separate ways. Did we cross the line? What are the rules these days when it comes to showing affection in public?

Well, tbh there are a bunch of alternatives. I'm looking to try some that are on this list, since they look really good. A lot of people also like doublelist but I never found anything worthwhile on there.

I have used whisper before, years ago, thank you for the suggestion. I will do that... I'm not great at more profile oriented sites like fetlife.

I'm just wondering what people use in place of Craigslist personals now? Maybe this is an old subject but my husband and I haven't had many chances to play in quite a while. We used enjoy Craigslist to find others (man/woman) to join us whether that be in our town or places we visit. We've been given the opportunity to get away child free this weekend and we're wondering what other options we have? We're in Wisconsin if that makes any difference.

Doublelist, is new. They're building the site up from the bottom. It even says so on the site. If you want your city added, send a request, enough requests and they'll add it in in due course. They have a to-do section show what they aim to do to improve the site.

A year ago I (20m) made the decision to tell my parents I'm gay. A week ago my dad made the decision to surprise me with a female sex worker (25) for my birthday. If that sounds weird to you, you're normal. If it doesn't, welcome to my world. My old man gave me the whole "nothing beats pussy" speech before leaving me alone in the house with a random stranger. I was so embarrassed and awkward I didn't know how to react. The sex worker introduced herself as "Zoey" and encouraged me to relax. Without wasting time I apologized and made it clear that I'm not interested in girls. Zoey asked me a bunch of questions about my sexuality. Questions I never had to answer out loud before. Her attitude seemed really sincere. Like she genuinely just wanted to learn about my life. The two of us ended up having a good time talking. However, talking turned into touching, and touching turned into my first sexual experience with another person.

As soon as we were both naked, Zoey wrestled me onto my stomach and started humping my butt. She humped me harder and harder without slowing down. Even though nothing was penetrating me, the feeling off getting pounded from behind was enough to send me over the edge. I came from that alone. Nothing touched my penis. Didn't even know that was possible! It wasn't over though. I wanted to be inside Zoey. I'll be honest, it felt amazing. It made me question everything I thought I knew about my sexual orientation. It's been a week and I still have no idea what to make of it. My dad is now convinced I was never actually gay and that all I needed was the right woman to remind me I'm as straight as they come.

Is my dad right?

Can you be gay and still enjoy sex with girls?

Even now I don't feel any sexual attraction towards other girls, but when I think about Zoey it makes me excited. Is she a unique case?

I'm lost.

I've always been a romantic person and when it comes to women I like, I think "I'd date her" rather than "I'd do her". Even though it doesn't get arousing enough to have an orgasm when I dream about it, a kiss on the cheek or holding a girl's hand is euphoric and amazing to me like how a BJ at a college party would be to my guy friends.

I couldn't figure it out for YEARS why I couldn't get in the mood for just sex until someone would run their fingers through my hair/around my ears and kiss me, but if they did that, suddenly my brain would stop thinking about a million billion things, anxieties, self consciousness, and just be like oh okay I'm yours now happy purry kitten noises!

I think in some ways, it's wonderful, but indicative of more complexity in elements of how much we overthink sex, it's all a bit of a big deal... simple, loving intimacy is so important, and it's also something you can't really get from porn, so we're often most deprived of those things when we do get them as well, and they're so easy to just... do, naturally, that there's this really unparalleled serene euphoria when it happens đź’™